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11/21/2023 c6 Guest
Wow totally loved this duo. This Edward is so perfect and their dynamics are so cute and fulfilling.
11/4/2023 c6 sas
such a wonderful and sweet story thanks for
11/4/2023 c5 sas
never ruin a girls picture perfect makeup thanks
11/4/2023 c4 sas
just wow what a end to the chapter thanks
11/4/2023 c3 sas
this story just makes me smile. thanks for sharing.
11/4/2023 c2 sas
this Bella is like my daughter and cannot figure out why he and her boyfriend do not have big fights. I tell her bad drama is not the goal and she should enjoy the good times.
11/4/2023 c1 sas
love the beginning
9/5/2023 c5 12Eternally Addicted
GAH! They are killing me. Can't wait for more.
9/4/2023 c1 Eternally Addicted
Too bad for Emmett. Breakfast was needed. LOL
9/1/2023 c5 Phoebe.Larson
Great story. Can't wait for more!
9/1/2023 c5 Jaspee2018
Such a sweet story, I'm loving it so far.
6/16/2023 c4 acw1

6/16/2023 c2 acw1
6/4/2023 c1 Nance10
Great start!
5/26/2023 c2 Jaspee2018
Loving it so far . Can't wait to read more .

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