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for Two Times Two

9/19 c1 1PhantomOfProcrastination
This is such an interesting concept! It could definitely be expanded upon in the future. I find it really interesting how both of Danny's halves are set on recombining, while Vlad is the one fighting himself.
5/21 c1 142Invader Johnny
Ok wow, this is a sight of Plasmius I never thought I’d see and the fact that Fenton was the one being rational says just how much he understands or half understands the fiasco that Vlad is being half of himself.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
5/21 c1 ReflectiveReader
Huh, so I know the ghost catcher seems to split halfaas down the lines they're thinking of when they go through. This implies that Danny is at peace with what he is, or at least was at the time. It also shoes that Vlad's probably been carrying around a ton of self-hatred for years since Plasmius hasn't aged.

I'm curious how the halfas will move forward. Will Plasmius be able to help with anything once he's calmed down? Will Masters regain some sense on this front? Will those two re-merge? I expect the Danny's to, especially since this isn't a new experience, but the Vlad's sound like there's a lot more trouble there.

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