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5/26 c1 1westxngal
Oh! I do hope you continue this story! Loved it!
5/22 c1 Guest
What a good start to my day. Had such a good giggle. Loved it. ️
5/22 c1 Guest
J'ai adoré ce chapitre. Bien fait pour Lucas de s'étouffer avec la pomme. Et heureusement qu'Elisabeth ne soit pas partie avec lui à Union city. Voilà comment la série aurait dû se dérouler...
5/21 c1 Karen Martin
This was great! I so appreciate your writing. Thank you for having Elizabeth NOT even go to Union City! I like that he choked-so arrogant to just pick up her apple! Nathan is the hero, yet again. Lol. I could really see the fishing scene play out as well. Perfect change up.
5/21 c1 Guest
I enjoyed it, without a question, especially Lucas choking on the apple that he had no business touching. I definitely hope this ends up with Elizabeth & Nathan together. I'm so very discussed with Lucas & his background & behavior. They think (WCTH people) Lucas will provide more lines. They obviously don't realize that the combination of the Thornton/Grant families alone would give them a least 2 yrs worth.
5/21 c1 Guest
I love this story!
5/21 c1 Margaret Redmon
I liked this story! The official writters for wcth could benefit from taking some lessons from your writing
5/22 c1 DEEBEE007
Love this story. Will there be more or was this a one shot?
5/21 c1 8Missela
This was so cute! I loved it! I can see Lucas getting up in her space and personal belongings and eating the apple like that. Choking on it was good payback for his theft. I'm glad that Nathan mentioned that he'd bring her another one.

I bet Lucas would kidnap her or force her to marry him somehow. Then with access to her trust fund, he'd have money for those unsavoury fellows he met with.

This fishing mishap was fun, too! I loved Little Jack's observation! Ice Cream is always good, though! So is supper together!

Thanks for sharing this story!
5/21 c1 dpmancill
Very nicely done, much better than what we were subjected to on "that show.". Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
5/21 c1 Jillywelz
This was perfect
I laughed out loud when Lucas choked on the apple (not very kind I know), and I was hoping for a worm as well as it getting stuck (even worse).
5/21 c1 184nebula2
Lovely job brinigning our vision to life! Thank you! All I wanted was for Lucas to come in and take a bite of the apple Nathan left but together we made that so much better!
5/21 c1 sherried
I really liked this story. Good job to all involved.
5/21 c1 4heather4cu
Why am I not surprised that you wanted Lucas to choke on the apple? :) But I actually could totally see this entire scene playing out. And I do wonder what people did before the Heimlich. I liked that you had Nathan pound on his back first because that's probably what he was taught. Hard to believe it's only been around 49 years.
5/21 c1 SaSeLi777
I loved this! You two rock with your ideas!

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