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for Seven Years

5/24/2023 c1 Jbug47
Great reading about these seven years! Now, let’s read about this new baby! Sounds very interesting to me!
5/24/2023 c1 9theputz913
Loved this and that they made a point of acknowledging their shooting and finding many different ways to “celebrate their re-birth” and the second chance they both got in the wake of that terrible day…but also finding the possibility of joy in that date too.
5/24/2023 c1 beckiwhalen
Awwww this was great. I always thought they made Kate look pregnant for Number 4 in the finale. Glad I'm not the only one. great writing. Keep it up
5/24/2023 c1 life's a mystery
awe :)
5/24/2023 c1 ChuckDawg61
Thank you. You picked some great moments for them in those 7 years.
5/24/2023 c1 19wendykw
I enjoyed this quite a lot. Thank you for the fluff and the tension.
5/24/2023 c1 61Pen to Paper Writer
This was outstanding! I thoroughly enjoyed putting words to the last 26 seconds of season 8 episode 22. This made a lot more sense than what the writers could have come up with for the ending of the show. And it filled in the gaps for the previous years which was a plus.

Now here is a thought even though we know what happened up until 2023 why not jump ahead 15 years to 2038? And check in on our family from that point. I bet with your imagination it could be done. I'm curious to know what they named the new baby.

Thank you so much for sharing your talents this was very enjoyable.
5/24/2023 c1 mmw74
Awww what a very cute and sweet story! I so wish we could have seen this on the show! Thanks for writing and creating such a great picture in my mind. :)
5/24/2023 c1 23Swordwriter
Very well done, Greatly enjoyed it. Thank you.
5/24/2023 c1 Andiesav
I loved this. I'm so happy with the way you broke it into each year; the glimpses into their lives and the progression was so good. Thanks for writing!
5/24/2023 c1 Guest
Love, love, LOVE this!
Thank you for filling in the gaps and continuing their love story ️
5/24/2023 c1 Coll1973
That was absolutely beautiful! The way you captured every year after the finale was just perfect! Thank you so much for sharing!
5/24/2023 c1 4E.Sign
thank you for sharing. i loved it.
5/24/2023 c1 Guest

This was beautiful
You are one of my absolute favorite writers your Caskett and family is Canon to me

Thank you for sharing your amazing stories of Caskett and family

Caskett always

Thank you for sharing
5/24/2023 c1 melgibsn
Amazing as always
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