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5/29 c1 189Luiz4200
I think the counter-petition will work better if Voldemort's true reasons to be at Hogwarts during those years are revealed.
5/28 c1 318ChoCedric
Oh my goodness, this is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for writing this!

I absolutely love how Rebecca's sense of justice is screaming at her in this one. I love how she and Matthew are able to talk about it, and even though Matthew doesn't like Harry all that much, he agrees with her. It just goes to show that even if you don't like a person, that can have nothing to do with whether how they are treated is fair or not.

I love how Rebecca knows that Jeffrey is lashing out simply because he is devastated at Cedric's loss, and it's his way of coping with the situation. I love how you have the idea of the counterpetition as well.

My only quibble is the timeline. You said it's set at around chapter 31, but my chapter 31 is set when term isn't in session anymore. Remember, Cedric's funeral is set in chapter 26, and it's said then that the students left Hogwarts a day ago. Chapter 31 is set right after Harry's birthday. True, he's still in hiding then, but none of the kids are at Hogwarts. This fic seems to take place when they still are.

Harry escapes with Sirius to Grimmauld Place in chapter 13, and this seems to be directly after that. So you might want to change that in the summary and the story.

Other than that, this was absolutely perfect. Would you mind if I incorporate these original characters into Keep Holding On myself? I don't want to make your fic obselete. If I get your permission, then Rebecca and Matthew will show up as real characters in September. I'd love to include them!

Thank you so much again for writing this!

Best wishes,

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