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for Pyrrhic Aftermath

8/22 c1 Leo73838
Imagine charging 100$ for 2000 words. Bro is on scam time. It's scamming time. Scam across the multiverse. Scamman. The con artist. I'ma bout to do a pro scamming move. Bro truly is a scammer of all time.
The iron scam
7/27 c2 34LJF613
Awww, this is cute!
6/27 c2 Guest
Zuko x Toph is my fav avtla pairing and this setting seems really promising. Keep up the good work!
5/27 c1 Julianthedarkone
Wait a minute. Does dying attempting energy bending count as dying in the avatar state? If so there won't be a new avatar

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