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for Corruption of Remnants (Pilot)

6/4/2023 c1 TheLoneSpartan117
ok I want to see where this gos can't belive someone wrote about coc2
5/28/2023 c1 ArguableReader
I've found this funny, because somebody, actually played that game, and WROTE about it AT ALL.
5/28/2023 c1 ScreamingStuka
well heck my dude. I'm torn between "sickened yet curious" and "scared yet horny".
5/28/2023 c1 Random65
Despite the crossover of this newly mentioned game that you explained in the author's notes/update, I actually don't mind this and it's hilarious. Even more so that I kind of want this to be continued. Of course do what you want to do. And take your time. Anyways I look forward to any of your future work and I shall wait for an eternity because that is how much I love your stories.
5/28/2023 c1 Vampirenick
You say what wrong with you that you made it but I say what's wrong with me that I want to see how this goes lol
5/28/2023 c1 32Spyash2
Yeah, a lot of this is code; I can't read it.
5/28/2023 c1 ReDestrobo
A lot of it is code

Just giving you a heads up!

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