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for Smuggling

2/26 c1 AlphaWolfGirl15
This a great story and i hope there going to be more to it
1/17 c1 Puck627
I wonder if you or one of your friends think of Harry become a powerful sorcerer that knows lots of magic and is capable of all kinds of magic like, divination, runes, talismans, dark magic, necromancy, among other things. he joins the Justice League and then Justice League Dark and lives with the mystic heroes thanks to him being immortal. I don't know if Harry would have ether a boyfriend or a girlfriend in this fanfiction idea but i hope that it be Zatanna. If you or one of your friends like my idea then please take it and make it a great and long fanfiction story.
1/14 c1 MOONHB7
loving the crossover and would so love to know what happens next, if you decide to extend on this fic that is.
how will the league and harry interact with each other.
Ooo Brocey's getting another traumatised kid to add to his forever growing collection of baby bats.
I wonder how dumbaldoor will take the news of his sacrificial "champians" sudden disappearance.
can't wait to read more of your stories and ideas :)
11/13/2023 c1 Conner Kumiai
Ohh la última parte fue super graciosa, lo peor es que es tan plausible que es hilarante.

La idea es genial, me encantaría poder ver más desarrollo de ella
11/13/2023 c1 2mwinter1
Chapter 2?
9/21/2023 c1 scoutsout141
please update great story love it
8/12/2023 c1 5DGJabberwocky
8/1/2023 c1 Guest
One of the best story's I would love it if there is a next chapter
7/28/2023 c1 Enforcer209
Well this was certainly an interesting start to the story I’d love to see where you could take this
7/27/2023 c1 crashthisnow
Omg I need this as not a one shot, this idea seems awesome
7/4/2023 c1 1YusdeFT
Me encanta, hay tanto materia que espero con ansia que sea una serie
6/2/2023 c1 1AiyaKnight
Its under par for a one shot. You spent most of the story rattling along about a fix it version of the story going over year after year making all sorts of changes to only go back to him in the air plane landing. I expected something new and interesting not another boring re telling in his head.
6/2/2023 c1 nicogo707070
Really love this. Can't wait for it to be a full series.
5/30/2023 c1 6Mando-Vet
This is a really entertaining story, I hope you return to finish it one day.
5/29/2023 c1 Guest
This story has potencial

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