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6/5 c1 96AquilaTempestas
Hello, hello!

Apologies for the lateness - 'twas sick last week, went out over the weekend and was caught up in own writing. Never thought I'd see some one-sided Gordo/Emily - what made you pick Gordo? Though it's fitting coz Gordo always struck me as being a bit of an ass.

And yes - Michael needs that apple strudel. It's so Mikey-boy to not forget about the food haha. And that was nice of Mikey to set up a date. He's learning.

Anyways - glad to see a Mike/Emily story. Such an under appreciated couple that rarely get any attention despite them having some hints in the show of a love/hate relationship (very TyHil).

Thank you for writing this for me when you didn't have to! Very much appreciated and hope to read more great stuff from you in the future!


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