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for Red Castle

11/9/2023 c4 9cko2
A different take on a si type story at least and should be fun to watch.
9/25/2023 c4 McGeezel
I think you got another gem here. I hope both girl and shio get to reunite with friends and family.
9/20/2023 c4 THOMASPENZHORN11
Another good chapter keep it up and I recommend she adopts American damage control it will save her life and preferably American AA as well and you're speaking the entire American option when it comes to ships were superior to the i g n
6/17/2023 c3 THOMASPENZHORN11
Another good chapter keep it up and insert I will be watching your career with great interest meme here and I can see how something her rigging can be dismissed a can for her being a magical girl sorry for any autocorrect in any of my comments I can't fix them I've tried a lot and before I'd rather be a ship girl than a magical girl ly found out my former life was as USS Arizona as an example I would be ecstatic mostly because I would have enough fire to level at mountain range not Anna someone that comes from a navy family I built my entire family and everyone has been in the Navy do believe that the ship's actually do have souls like in real life that's my comment ca
6/17/2023 c3 Mdr Watmes
Magical Girl lmao
6/16/2023 c3 Anchovyisbest
Interesting I'm looking forward to the future. Also I never thought of shopgirls as magical girls so it's a bit funny.
6/11/2023 c2 THOMASPENZHORN11
Good story so far keep it up

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