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for Last Resort

6/5 c1 12Cyan Quartz
Shoot, you're just setting up a Marvel crossover.
6/3 c1 2Insomniac Dormouse
Ghost king Danny that actually knows what he’s doing is holds so much potential I love it!
5/31 c1 Speed Reader
An interesting take on summoning the Ghost king. Solid story.
5/30 c1 ReflectiveReader
Batman-bait kid had me cracking up! To be fair to Constantine, if he summoned the king too early they would have gotten Pariah, even if it had to be years before this point. I wonder if they could have summoned him right out of his "forever sleep". Regardless, I'm glad it went as smoothly as it did.
5/30 c1 13Fencer22
5/30 c1 Njistar
well um thanks Danny. lol the Avengers failed

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