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for The Guild of Gamers: The Tinker

9/26 c6 badboyelsanto
I am disappointed there are no more chapters, this is honestly a very good fic, honestly i hope we get a taylor pov next, i want to see Kei taking the bullies down and also taylor finally confiding in the A.I mom lookalike
I enjoyed reading the serene moments of Lisa and kei, truly wholesome. Bro you know sherrel wants that D, you gotta make her squeal man
9/26 c5 badboyelsanto
I’m sad that the next chapter is the current last chapter
9/26 c4 badboyelsanto
Lol kara got sentient?
9/26 c3 badboyelsanto
Lol this nigga got VI for every shit
9/26 c3 badboyelsanto
I just checked the Wiki and noticed that Glory girl literally has gojo’s infinity ability lol
9/26 c2 badboyelsanto
The way he utilizes his NEET-ness is very impressive lol. I have never wished to be a neet so much in my life
9/26 c1 badboyelsanto
Worm has too many named characters, jesus fucking christ. I keep reading Wikis just to get the hang of this and i find out I’m still in chapter 1 lol
9/25 c6 Lordxazazel
I have reread both the tinker and the gambler some many times I’m ready for new chapters in both keep up the good work.
9/22 c1 rakuichijou0641
9/18 c6 1Trashmage
This is the only story of yours I've really enjoyed. Stop focusing so much on smut and rising levels and zone in on this character development.
9/16 c6 Rightword
While this story could wrap up right here, I find myself wishing there was just a little more of it.
9/10 c6 1beserkerbeast
love to see more
9/4 c6 Guest
Among all of your gamer guild series, this is by far the best of them. I like the mc cause he's not like your other mc. And I like how natural the romance felt and how he doesn't think with his d*ck and try to justify that
9/4 c6 Ricee
moar! we demand moar! I'll be cringe and speak like the neet

We dEmAnd mOaR!.!.!.!.

tinker is probably one of my favorite fics of yours, second only to nightmare, third being tamer. don't much care for operative or occultist
9/1 c1 Seimika
I kinda wish the survey were an actual thing, it would be interesting to see/use
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