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for House of Cards

8/26 c2 RavenSaysNevermore
I finished making my profile by the way. I'd like if you were the first to see it.
8/24 c1 RavenSaysNevermore
I hope you plan to finish this story. I've liked it so far, and really don't want you to stop. We need more stories to be finished here at fanfic.
6/4 c1 modlinel
Hi, I say keep at it! I have had so many worries in writing fanfics. Then I am like, I'll just write it. And it works. If this is a chapter thing, I'll totally stick around for this. Thanks. I really wanted others to find the yearn to add more drama to Rocky's character without adding something crazy in like gay stuff. So, yeah, thanks. I've already made my own fanfiction, It's just a little hard to put it on this websight. So I advise you see Chaos: thy name is Rocky. It was another great story by some guy I can't remember.

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