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9/6 c6 4MrKlortho
Overall I like this story so far. I agree that Harry/Evan shouldn’t immediately be “alright” with his circumstances, and there needs to be an adjustment period.

The interaction with Hermione left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. For someone who usually has a good understanding and empathy towards others behavior, she completely misunderstands Evan. I don’t know if she’s just missing it, or is willfully blind because of the potential implications for her Harry, but it’s obvious this guy isn’t well and has seen some stuff.

As much as I’d like her to see the error of her ways, I don’t want a scene where Evan unleashes on her and she tearfully asks for forgiveness, because that’s dumb. But I do think this could be a good pathway for Hermione and even Harry to realize Evan is pretty wounded from his experiences.
9/3 c6 Arjayess
I agree about Harry and his feelings. But, even in this story, it's again, "Why don't YOU stop hurting others?" - with them (the Hermione rant, in particular) ignoring that he HAS lost everything. Once again, rather than being "all about you, Potter!", as Snape would have said, it's all about THEM and their feelings, just as, in Canon, R & H can't understand why he gets so upset being left out of any information over the Summer between 4th & 5th year - they were just doing what 'Holy Dumbledore' told them to do, why should THEY be seen as in the wrong?
I think Miss Krum being angry at him is a bit wrong, though.
Interesting story, so far, please continue.
9/2 c6 Joda-Eragonsson
I like the mentor - student relationship developing between Harry and Helena. Not seen something like this before. Keep up the great work
8/30 c6 yoto
bon chapitre
8/31 c6 BBryant
I think people don't like all this angst for 2 reasons. The first is that it doesn't have the angst tag, so prolonged angst, like in these first chapters, isn't welcome. Change the tags from Adnventure and Romance (because there's been none of either) to Angst and Hurt & Comfort and nobody will have any ground to atand on.

The second is that this is fanfiction and this premise has been used hundreds of times before. The angst at the start, while realistic, is just as boring as the shopping trip to Diagon has become. Slow updates exacerbate this problem. We wait a month for an update and get more Angst instead of Adventure and Romance.
8/29 c6 Guest
This Victoria thing is a really bad idea.
8/29 c6 3itllbeamiracleififinishastory
A deluge of angst. I get the need for it but "you'll leave me or I'll drive you away" had me groaning.
8/29 c6 Forsitis13
I dont think Harry is too moody at all. If anything i think the other characters in this universe besides Helena are being remarkably callous in how they all expect him to be acting normal and more likeable when hes a war veteran dragged from his world and everyone he's ever know. McGonagall at the beginning was the only one to comfort him besides Helena.
8/29 c6 moodyboy66
Great chapter. I loved all the nuances
8/29 c6 2Lupy the White Knight
Everything definitely seems to be going wrong for Evan right now, huh.

Love the Helena interactions and advising him. Sad we didn’t get to see Victoria this chapter, but sure sounds like we will next chapter. Maybe also Evan fixing things with Harry and Hermione too?

Really looking forward to where you go with it!

8/28 c6 16NonsensicalRants
Author nor read, but still disregarded. The melodrama is a bit too much. I didn't say he needs to get over it. I said he needs to roll with the punches and go a little bit around the bend. Depressed in private, brave and cheerful in public.

He has a free license to be as bonkers as he wants or needs to be. A "screw with everyone" license that does have an expiration date and needs to be used up for maximum impact. He had a position of power by having secrets, and he's squandered it.

There's also the small matter that so much of this new world is fuel for bringing him happiness and joy.

He should be happy he beat voldemort in his world and everyone there us safe, and the possibility of returning is ever present. Yet he's acting as if they are all dead instead of treating his new position like a vacation. He's in his fourth year again. Pretty French and Bulgarian witches to date, old friends alive to talk to, and a litany of other reasons to be in a great mood.

The melodrama is too much. Had to skim through some of the conversation with Helena here, but I'm so ready for the story to move forward.
8/28 c6 hushpuppy22
This is a really good story, especially with the female Victor Krum. I’m a little confused why you’re introducing the idea of Hermione fancying Harry but hopefully that isn’t a focus of the story.
8/28 c6 marlastiano
8/26 c5 jojoji15
Not a fan of this chapter. Harry has been shown to be quite incompitent. He is bad at all he does and
I can’t see how his pairing whit Victoria is going to work. They are way to different and if I would have been in Harrys position after the talk about how bad he was at being a seeker I would not have a good impression of the person putting me down where I would develop feelings for that person.
8/12 c5 KEB
Interesting story. Thanks for writing
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