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for Altered Frequency

7/3 c3 N
Slightly fast, but fine so far. Maybe a bit more thought processes on why he doesn't do other things, what the longer term plan is and such.
6/23 c3 17vtorx
nice story, but it would be nice to create some bitable space when you're typing. It's too jam-packed. Still, it's a nice story
6/11 c1 9Dr. MJ Spontaneous
er— so... Marvel Dc crossover? should probably tag it as that
6/7 c3 evanmud
Loving the story so far! The pacing is good too, keep up the good work!
6/2 c1 Guest
6/2 c1 Guest
Sunstone Fortress of Solitude Kole Exobytes Symbioids for all

Flowers of Krakoa/Phalanx/Superego

Yuuzhan Vong biots


Quality of life, standard of living

Infrastructure, utilities, industries

Food, Shelter, healthcare, education

Roads, hospitals, universities, sewage treatment plants

Triage, logistics, bureaucracy, communication

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