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for Once and Future Queen

5/16 c8 darkworkangel
I like this story please update again soon
11/9/2023 c8 tastybigsexy
I thoroughly enjoyed your story and how you are portraying Morgana La fay
11/5/2023 c8 Melyana Sompie
...was this fic on hiatus?
8/29/2023 c8 8Zero kami no mu
poor Morgaine. her familiar is a prankster. I do love how you are portraying her as both someone with ancient knowledge but also a child who is learning new things. I can't wait to see how things go from here
8/26/2023 c8 Maddog285
I just found this story and find it very enjoyable and look forward to future updates when you produce them.
8/24/2023 c8 Darzknex
Glad to see another chapter
8/23/2023 c8 fwasham
Neat backstory for the hat and the trolley lady! I've never seen any fics treat her differently at all. I wonder if any history buffs will ask Morgaine about her name. Her Earthly kingdom may be no more but based on the ghosts/fey, she's definitely still a queen.
8/23/2023 c8 magitech
Nice chapter

I like to see a house other than the only two fics seem to use, especially fics where Slytherin is made out to be the greatest thing ever.

The hat being a punishment for someone is certainly new.
8/22/2023 c7 magitech
Nice to see an explanation why Morgaine's Raven is allowed despite Grangers whining.
Makes you wonder why she never said a word about scabbers?
That rat cannot be a familiar as, Animagus aside, it was Percy's pet for years before he palmed it off onto Ron because Molly got him an owl when he made Prefect.
8/22/2023 c7 fwasham
Nice chapter, kind of an in-between moment in the fic. Not entirely sure what direction this is going in but I'm having fun along the way. Thanks for the chapter, looking forward to the next one!
8/22/2023 c6 Darzknex
I'm really enjoying this story, hope you continue writing more chapters in the future
8/15/2023 c6 HiresX
Great story I hope to see more updates on this!
8/15/2023 c6 magitech
Thanks for another chapter

One of JK's bigger plot holes is that if wizards interacted with muggles openly only a few hundred years ago, how did all knowledge of them and the tons of magical beings and plants vanish so completely?

How soon will Ollivander snitch to Dumbles about the strange girl in his shop? And you have to wonder why people seem so compelled to run to him with things that are none of his business.
8/15/2023 c5 magitech
Nice chapter

I truly hope the introduction of Tracey doesn't mean Morgain will end up in the house of gutless. self obsessed backstabbers that was Slytherin until book six where JK tried to re-write everything to make them into the greatest people to ever walk the Earth.

Fics where the main character goes there are so common they might as well be canon.
There are two other Houses crying out for attention.

Sorry for the mini rant but Slytherin is a cesspit and something different would be a nice change.
6/26/2023 c4 Geek-God of Speed
Why’s this one chapter 5?
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