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for Once and Future Queen

6/26/2023 c4 magitech
Nice and informative without going into too much detail to bog it down.

The cause of all those wars was greedy wizarding folk eager to get what isn't theirs, now that I can easily believe considering how canon made it obvious they prey on the muggle world.
6/21/2023 c3 leebrough98us
Now to wait for more and hopefully somewhat sonnish. anyway you have my interest with this
6/20/2023 c3 magitech
Very interesting start and it certainly has my interest.

I wonder just how very disappointed Muirgen will be to see how cpwardly, arrogant, lazy and self obsessed the wand wavers are and how eager they are to assault anyone who can't defend themselves.

I feel she will be extremely disappointed with the lack of quality education at Hogwarts, especially the resident potions child abuser.
6/10/2023 c2 leebrough98us
More pls I am loving this
6/9/2023 c2 fwasham
Neat! Looking forward to more.
6/3/2023 c1 Hayden792
love it
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