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12/1/2023 c7 H-Nala
nice conversation
6/19/2023 c7 team-ispire-weirdoll
this made me soft
6/18/2023 c6 H-Nala
A loving embrace
6/17/2023 c6 team-ispire-weirdoll
this was a lovely confession
6/17/2023 c5 9mimagfan
Oh lord, I'm nervous now. So nervous. But he did it well, having a comfort blanket of people in case things go south. It was an emotional sweet chapter. I loved it and I can't wait for next one. Kisses.
6/16/2023 c5 team-ispire-weirdoll
what a way to end! I enjoyed your stories this week alot thankyou!
6/13/2023 c1 Guest
yay for pining Ren
6/13/2023 c2 team-ispire-weirdoll
yay for more pining
6/13/2023 c1 mimagfan
Awww... Lovely amount of pining. Thank you for this sweet chapter. Kisses.
6/12/2023 c1 1Noveisadoge
So nice to read you again! Perfect amount of Pine-sol. I’ll be watching closely for the next instalment

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