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for The Dark Avenger

5/15 c6 Windgeboren
Very interesting blend into marvel from batman. Really like the characteres. It is very interesting to read about batman and what his influence on an early MCU could be. I hope the heavily foreshadowed de-aging comes soon. Thanks for writing the story.
5/2 c6 Speed Reader
Love the reunion and reminicesing. The new potential member of the Batfamily is excellent too.
5/1 c1 robinmlangeni6
Can you do a superman in mortal kombat crossover?(without lois) and a superman in invincible crossover?(again without lois)
4/30 c6 EANID
if it was one piece his reaction would be eyes popping out
4/30 c6 Jrambo710
This story is great! Keep on writing please.
4/29 c6 Kalaong
Something Bruce should say about Tony at some point; "Oh my God, he's everything I PRETEND to be, and more."
4/29 c6 SunGod499
And what about Jason ? Where is Jason Todd ? Where is Red Hood ?
4/28 c6 Guest
well a new Batgirl is here that can't be good for Blackwidow's heart and she knows she can't stop it
4/29 c6 24GojiraFan455516
Sorry Bats, it looks like Stark did something stupid.
4/29 c6 HeartOfChaos13
I think that this chapter Is great and i like the final battle.
Will Xialing be the new batgirl?
4/29 c6 7SunGod499
Dear Author, Please add Nighthawk as he was trained by Bruce after Dick but before Tim. Kyle Richmond as Nighthawk is the guardian of Chicago. He losts his billionaire parents in his childhood same as Bruce and Kyle's parents were good friends of Bruce, so he trained him as Bruce sees himself in Kyle. After training under Bruce he(Kyle) returns to his city and becomes a symbol for his city similar to Batman but instead of a Bat he chooses Nighthawk. And that day he becomes Nighthawk. Time to time, he meets his uncle Bruce. And only two people know about this other than Bruce, one was Alfred and other was Barbara. Now Kyle has now taken a protege too under the name Talon, he is the son of his archnemesis Huckster(a vicious psychopath who reveled in grotesque forms of murder) until he died when one of his schemes backfired on him. Because the Huckster died in battle with him, Nighthawk felt responsible for his death and for Neal who had been orphaned by it. The hero adopted Neal and raised him as his own, lifting him from his downtrodden background and teaching him about decency, honor, and justice. As without Nighthawk's tutelage and parental figure, Neal would have followed the same path as his biological father.
4/28 c6 captainfirebunny
An amazing chapter!
4/28 c6 Necros The Saiyan knight
Honestly thought it would've been Shang chi, with the Robin costume
4/28 c6 TheDemonofChaos
Bahahahaha that was a blast, thank you for the read and I hope you have a wonderful day.
4/28 c6 2the mysterious Mr.E
i was wondering how Bruce was going to handle Tony straight up ignoring the whole secret identity thing . see what happens next
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