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for The Dark Avenger

6/9 c7 Gunboat Diplomat
That was absolutly amazing, as always. Can’t wait to see the next chapter of this!
6/9 c7 Travis99
You should deage Bruce a bit
6/9 c7 KingInTheNorth27
Oh shit honestly i was not expecting that ending. Thanks for the chap
6/9 c7 kingmanaena
damn this is getting interesting Damian here now
5/27 c6 The Imprint
I don't like that Bruce owns company stock.
5/15 c6 Windgeboren
Very interesting blend into marvel from batman. Really like the characteres. It is very interesting to read about batman and what his influence on an early MCU could be. I hope the heavily foreshadowed de-aging comes soon. Thanks for writing the story.
5/2 c6 Speed Reader
Love the reunion and reminicesing. The new potential member of the Batfamily is excellent too.
5/1 c1 robinmlangeni6
Can you do a superman in mortal kombat crossover?(without lois) and a superman in invincible crossover?(again without lois)
4/30 c6 EANID
if it was one piece his reaction would be eyes popping out
4/30 c6 Jrambo710
This story is great! Keep on writing please.
4/29 c6 Kalaong
Something Bruce should say about Tony at some point; "Oh my God, he's everything I PRETEND to be, and more."
4/29 c6 SunGod499
And what about Jason ? Where is Jason Todd ? Where is Red Hood ?
4/28 c6 Guest
well a new Batgirl is here that can't be good for Blackwidow's heart and she knows she can't stop it
4/29 c6 25GojiraFan455516
Sorry Bats, it looks like Stark did something stupid.
4/29 c6 HeartOfChaos13
I think that this chapter Is great and i like the final battle.
Will Xialing be the new batgirl?
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