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2/25 c5 Speed Reader
Magnificent chapter. Loved seeing the different characters and their perspectives, seeing Bruce and Barbara together was fun and the way you ended it was superb.
2/25 c5 Link0011
Another very good chapter! Whenever I see this story get an update I always get a little giddy. With how old Bruce is, I have to assume that he will get a dose of Lazarus at some point during this arc to make him younger, otherwise he’ll be fighting Thanos in a wheelchair. I hope to see another update soon.
2/24 c5 Guest
Awesome chapter! Hope to see the next chapter soon along with the A Supe of a Man chapter because of the cliffhanger left behind introducing Kara Zor-El!
2/25 c1 Travis99
you thinking of de-aging bruce?
2/24 c5 ZombieXD
I LOVE this capitulo and this Storie
2/24 c5 7SunGod499
You know this whole chapter was awesome. Dear Author, well you can add Nighthawk as he was trained by Bruce after Dick but before Tim. Kyle Richmond as Nighthawk is the guardian of Chicago. He losts his billionaire parents in his childhood same as Bruce and Kyle's parents were good friends of Bruce, so he trained him as Bruce sees himself in Kyle. After training under Bruce he(Kyle) returns to his city and becomes a symbol for his city similar to Batman but instead of a Bat he chooses Nighthawk. And that day he becomes Nighthawk. Time to time, he meets his uncle Bruce. And only two people know about this other than Bruce, one was Alfred and other was Barbara. Now Kyle has now taken a protege too under the name Talon, he is the son of his archnemesis Huckster(a vicious psychopath who reveled in grotesque forms of murder) until he died when one of his schemes backfired on him. Because the Huckster died in battle with him, Nighthawk felt responsible for his death and for Neal who had been orphaned by it. The hero adopted Neal and raised him as his own, lifting him from his downtrodden background and teaching him about decency, honor, and justice. As without Nighthawk's tutelage and parental figure, Neal would have followed the same path as his biological father.
2/24 c5 Tony McNucklz
If it was a joint venture between Wayne and Stark companies, Wayne could make a case to get the miniaturization from Stark. Doubtless somewhere in all the hundreds of pages of legalese there requirnments for sharing progress with the other company. If they were all working towards miniaturization, then Tony making the breakthrough doesn't necessarily mean the tech is his alone, depending on the legally binding documentation both companies signed.

Still, knowing something is possible changes the game quite a bit. They gave up because after not finding an answer, they thought there wasn't one. There are multiple iterations of Batman building tech to let a peak human, but still human, face gods, kryptonians, even speedsters. I doubt he can't crack a miniature arc reactor that he knows is possible to make while an existing device exists and is easily accessible that just needs to be scaled down. No, It's not a question of whether he can build a miniature reactor, it's how long it takes. Hell, he already has imagery of the final product. Tony was singular in the MCU, but in this verse i doubt he's beyond Bruce.
2/24 c5 HeartOfChaos13
I think that this chapter Is great and I like how you have brought the batmythos to the mcu.
2/15 c4 captainfirebunny
Incredible story! I love this so much! It’s everything I never knew I wanted!
2/1 c4 55Death Fury
Excellent chapter
1/22 c4 akoslows
I hope Bane becomes one of the main bad guys for this story. Some variation of the Knightfall storyline mixed with elements from the MCU could work really well with this version of Batman.
1/12 c4 Mister LaGuardia
Loved this chapter, particularly the connection between the Ten Rings and the League. Im wondering how far Ra’s’ umbrella spreads. Will there be a Daredevil connection? I’m also wondering how or if Hydra managed to stay hidden from Batman, given his extensive knowledge of secret societies and SHIELD.
1/9 c4 Guest
Bruce became very dark because there is no Clark Kent or Justice League to console him.
Also dear Author will Damian appear in this story ?
1/11 c4 EANID
Great work as always
1/10 c4 18BlackDragonDevilGod
I almost want to say that Joker basically made Tim a mini Joker.
He did didn't he? Cause i can easily see that monster doing something like that, as its one thing to kill someone but to make someone you care about a mirror image of their worst enemy, would break anyone, even the Batman.
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