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8/20/2023 c7 THOMASPENZHORN11
I've made a comment before this but it doesn't look like it's gone through anyways good chapter can't wait for the next one keep it up
8/19/2023 c7 Guest
Love this Taylor, there’s so much life to her.
8/18/2023 c7 THOMASPENZHORN11
Another good chapter and it seems more and more like Taylor is a conduit through which the ship girls can enter the real world if so then she hasn't used her through ship self yet but has been borrowing the power or letting her body be used by the other ship girls and I can't wait for the conversation with line sorry for any auto correct in this post or any of my other ones but if she is a ship girl herself as well in this Fury then which a battleship Destroyer Cruiser a submarine hopefully a battleship because Taylor will need all the hugs and maybe one day was holding ship girls back from only using her as a conduit brakes and they all come at once and then Taylor awakens the true ship self I'm kind of just hoping it's the u.s.s. Kentucky BB 66 because in Iowa is a lot of firepower and if they're going off for another FanFiction then I'm currently reading the cute too but in the way Fletcher's are cute cute adorable little murder balls anyways that's my call mint
8/20/2023 c6 65Pyeknu
Ah, poor Lisa. Shipgirls really don't like your powers, eh?
8/16/2023 c6 kreeft123xx
Seems the wards are onto something, could be interesting next chapter.
Looking forward to it.
8/11/2023 c6 Guest
Now I want to see Taylor show up as a different ship everyday and complete the challenger.
8/10/2023 c6 Guest
Hope she brings out Bismarck at some point
8/10/2023 c6 Guest
8/10/2023 c6 THOMASPENZHORN11
Another good chapter keep it up and how the mystery is really keeping me invested in this story the way you were slowly figuring out the truth I swear I've had 1,000 different theories of how this works how things are going this is definitely my favourite type of story the story is good or some mystery drama and it's more light-hearted anyways that's my comment
8/10/2023 c6 osterreicher97
Very cool ;)
8/4/2023 c5 THOMASPENZHORN11
Another good chapter anyways the rest of my garment that last bit was just adorable and for the rest of the common I'm just now assuming that ship girls do not work on the same s*** that Perry humans do so there actual spirits and not parent human Mel Taylor isn't a para human I don't know exactly what she is look at one of my former time and still look at my thoughts on that I will not repeat it and it seems that long is the only one smart enough to realise at the age of Perry humans is over the age of the ship spirit has only just begun and I think the entries are going to need a new fresh pair of pants because as far as I see a ship spirit star one gigantic out of context problem and one they can't fix since they rely on actual laws of physics of something tells me spiritual is not something they've encountered before anyway that's my comment can't wait for the next chapter SIA
8/4/2023 c5 osterreicher97
8/2/2023 c4 THOMASPENZHORN11
another good chapter I did comment before this but that comment doesn't seem to have gone through yet or is it gonna go through ways that's my call mint SIA and sorry for any autocorrect stand any of my comments I'm doing this on my phone and I'm doing it with the speech-to-text thingy so I'm already apologising for any auto correct or grammar mistakes in any of my comments anyways see ya
8/1/2023 c4 THOMASPENZHORN11
another good chapter keep it up and bloody Nazis can't wait for them to start dying by the dozens seriously I think you should be socially acceptable to just shoot a Nazi in the face but never mind my political views that's my comment see yeah
8/1/2023 c4 osterreicher97
Good chapter! And nice tidbit there about the “technicality” of what Taylor is.
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