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7/30/2023 c3 McGeezel
Im liking the spirit of the ocean vibe between tye ships. Makes it feel more than just parahuman powers at work, a lttle more personal Great stab so far
7/24/2023 c3 slayore
Ahoy! Thx for the chappie senchou keep up the good work ️
7/21/2023 c3 Guest
7/21/2023 c3 THOMASPENZHORN11
another good chapter and it seems Taylor was far more connected to the spiritual than most maybe she herself is a reincarnated ship spirit maybe one that was never completed if that's the case I don't want you to confirm it if it is if she can now use the breaking up all the fully completed ship spirits that essentially lend her their power temporarily but if she is a ship spirit herself that means she was never completed maybe so if that's the case my personal request is that she's euss Kentucky bb66 of the u.s. navy one of the Iowa class and one of the two that were never finished but lay down and work started and maybe she awakens eventually during the leviathan fight and whips leviathans ass because as far as I see it what the entities do isn't magic or any spiritualistic bulshit it still relies on the laws of physics just weird quantum physics s*** ship girls are just pure magic or bulshit depending on who you ask and the way I see it no matter how powerful the quantum physics manipulation the least powerful of Magic would always win because as far as I can see he might even be able to harness the soul of humanity and use that as a weapon but anyways this is just speculation by the way this is definitely one of my most favourite fanfictions yet and it's only 3 chapters in and I'm pretty sure I've read every kantai collection toner Cola or or as Azur Lane FanFiction out there I'm a bit of a naval nerd when it comes to it I am a bit ashamed to admit mostly because I spent all my free time researching a naval history specifically WWII and a bit of a shut-in but anyways sorry for any auto corrects in this comment but that's my rant and sorry for any autocorrect in any of my comments I'm doing this on my phone so I can fix it anyways can't wait for the next chapter SIA
7/21/2023 c3 Tisaku
Panamax and New Panamax (or Neopanamax) are terms for the size limits for ships travelling through the Panama Canal. The limits and requirements are published by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) in a publication titled "Vessel Requirements".

General characteristics Panamax
52,500 DWT
289.56 m (950 ft)
32.31 m (106 ft)
57.91 m (190 ft)
12.04 m (39.5 ft)

600 feet length is not panamax.
7/13/2023 c1 Jolly giant 100
This shows promise. I like what you're doing so far I really do. I also can't wait to see how you're going to set up how the ship girls work. Are they going to be the same level as their actual warships? Or are they going to be stronger because of several other factors? There are a lot of directions you can take this and I really hope you take the ones that fit the story. Great work so far! Keep it up.
7/13/2023 c2 Gg Leroy
Good work so far. I like what you're doing I'm so far. I normally don't review this early in a story because well several reasons honestly. But overall it looks like you're going the right direction with this story and I would like to see more of it. Good work so far keep up the good work!
7/11/2023 c2 THOMASPENZHORN11
another good chapter keep it up and it seems she has the Spirit of multiple warships with her like the old shows reincarnate in the same person also sorry for any auto corrects in any of my comments I cannot fix them I'm doing this on my phone and I have tried too many times but that said my comment for now keep up the good work and your other kantai collection story as well I'm also following that one well not following as in I'm following it on the website I'm just checking the them every once in a while
7/13/2023 c2 t-dugong
Of course she'd have photographs, Jenny. She's a shipgirl, silly!

Or, if we want to properly Worm it a bit, she's all the ghost ships. Wouldn't be surprised if someone commented her Japanese was really either old fashioned or she's talking in one of the more obscure dialects.
7/11/2023 c2 kaiserfrost
That was really beautiful at the end.
6/29/2023 c1 THOMASPENZHORN11
Good chapter I've watched this story over on I don't know what the sites named can't remember but I watched it on that other side couldn't reply there so I'm replying here anyways good story so far hope you continue it and your other kantai collection story real good work so far keep it up and I'm just gonna assume that her abilities don't come from the entities but she's actually a ship girl like the Spirit of a long-dead ship either she's a submarine like you've put in these so far or she can transform or she has the ship spirits of multiple ships with her like a multiple natural born and she can use one of their riggings I will but she's all of them at once anyway that's my comment see ya
6/30/2023 c1 shades333
nice chippie, always good to see more shipTaylor.
6/29/2023 c1 10ultima-owner
so there is at least two shipgirls patrolling the waters
6/29/2023 c1 1Magos Halcyon
Interesting concept.
Looking forward to seeing more of this.
6/28/2023 c1 2Vilkath
Interesting, i have to admit I know nothing of Kantai collection other than it us a very common search result in anything related to anime girls lol.
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