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6/8 c2 DirtyRice
Hehe. Nice way of removing Issei from the plot. And fulfilling his dream to boot.
5/28 c1 voidprince
... Not even Naruto is that stupid or trusting to just spout his backstory like that... And lowering the power level is not how evil pieces work...
5/27 c1 marquis.shax
I really don't like Ophis as a member of any harem I don't care whether it's Issei/Naruto or some random OC as Ophis is an immortal GENDERLESS dragon god who's strength is apparently somewhere just below that of the high tier gods like the Christian God. I'll admit that Ophis is decent looking but the fact of the matter is that as I stated Ophis really has NO gender and as stated by Azazel in canon the last time he'd seen Ophis was as an old man
5/27 c2 zachary12
nice look forward to more of this
5/25 c1 Jose19
The thing I like about Issei being replaced is the method being used most writers out of spite and hate kill him off.

Issei is a favorite character of mine and he is similar to Naruto because the boy is very loyal to his friends and determined, and compassionate.
5/20 c1 Guest
Seguiré para ver si la historia mejora.
Naruto reencarnado y con equipo potenciado ( no lo necesitaba)
Issei en realidad no me agrada pero no lo odio
El harem bien solo que la nobleza de reiser está de más hubiera preferido otras
5/10 c2 15NinjaFang1331
I like what you did with Viser and her having a relationship with Koneko.
5/6 c1 Mom
Really? Naruto is gonna have the Boosted gear? What a fucking unoriginal and weak ass fic. Some serious Narutard dick riding going on here
5/7 c2 Haseo187
This story seems like its going to be awesome I hope you post more chapters soon!
5/2 c2 guest
author makes Issei an incubus only because he feels guilty about cuck him lmao
5/1 c2 Guest
I forsee naruto horribly murdering a bunch of crows
5/3 c2 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
5/1 c2 Guest
Good story. I eagerly await it's continuation. :)
5/1 c1 guest
D must be for Dick as Dick Nasty?

fuck narutard fanboy always to suck naruCOCK so hard
Awesome chapter keep it up
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