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for A Knot in Time

8/11/2023 c3 500AquaTurquoise
Aww, this was a really good mix of butter and sweet. You always do that so well! I love the ending and Camden's words to Charlie. Well done, my friend!
8/11/2023 c3 115NerdsinaTree
Thomas's story was very sad, but I'm glad he was able to find peace. The happy endings were all very sweet.
8/1/2023 c2 NerdsinaTree
I liked the moment between Camden and Cedric. Interesting mystery regarding Thomas.
8/1/2023 c1 NerdsinaTree
Ooh! Another fanfiction of Aqua's fanfiction! And the set up to this one looks very interesting. Of course, I have to point out how much I loved the sweet cedfia moment at the beginning. Before we got into the chaos and mystery of the main plot.
7/30/2023 c2 500AquaTurquoise
Okay, again, FF betrayed me. lol I didn't even see this posted until now. Sorry!

This was such a good chapter. I felt so bad for Jazz and Camden and their infertility issues. :( I loved every interaction, especially between older Cedric and Camden/Charlie, and Serena's quip at the end about, "We're always in danger." I mean, she's not wrong. Hahaha. I'm curious to see what's going to happen next! You have my attention! And yes, I caught the references with the teleportation, the book, the daisy... So many nice throwbacks. Thank you! :)
7/16/2023 c1 AquaTurquoise
Okay, so I just noticed the original review I left when you first posted this didn't ever show up, so I'm trying again. I'm very intrigued with what you have going on here. I'm curious to see how things will pan out and what lies beyond! Great start, and anxious to learn more.

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