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9/3/2003 c6 maliek
really great idea ! Like what is going on ! Keep it up ! doing a great job!
9/3/2003 c6 5gospdrcr
pop off valve,

Hey, I am a Jason lover and a J/C forever kinda girl, so i wanted to let you know that you have some really valid points, except the whole robin telling AJ thing, cuz Carly never wanted Robin to know and that was all Jason. So anyway, I really like this story and I like that idea that Carly is the only one to really know what Frisco is feeling. Hey what do you think about bringing Dillon into the story as a way for Georgie and Frisco to bond. Frisco and Dillon come to a tentative peace something like that. since Dillon really doesn't have a dad either its just an idea. so keep up thegood work

9/2/2003 c5 Miz Morgan
Carly is one of my favorite people on GH! This is a really cool story!
8/31/2003 c5 Logan13
Very cool story idea! I am wondering who the real Carly is going to end up with. Please keep going and update soon.
8/28/2003 c5 1Rach6
Another great chapter I am really loving this story. Can't wait for more.

*sorry this is so short. Off to finish packing before I move on saturday.*
8/27/2003 c5 27gathers-no-moss
Loving this story. The banter between Frisco and Carly is perfect. I can practicaly feel the chemistry between them oozing off the pages.

Can't wait until Frisco meets up with Felicia and their daughters. Just waiting for the fireworks to begin.
8/27/2003 c5 Cara
I'm likeing the story but im getting confused and u dont have to do this but maybe in the next chapters write there name and what they say and thats it
8/27/2003 c1 Mala
pop off valve, this is awesome! I'm often wary of stories posted here at and was just floored by how wonderful your writing is and how creative you are. You have a real grasp for the characters and their voices and Carly and Frisco make a *great* team. I love the twist involving Sarah-Carly and Tams-Carly. That's genius and your explanation works beautifully.

I'm rooting for Carly and Frisco's sparks to pay off...and for Pollyanna to get run over by a truck. Heh. That's a *perfect* nickname!
8/26/2003 c5 maliek
Really like it ! Keep it up !
8/21/2003 c4 Miz Morgan
This is a really cool story. i especially liked your mention of "Port Charles." Please keep Writing!
8/14/2003 c4 maliek
Keep it up ! Really like it !
8/10/2003 c4 5gospdrcr

I love this story...not sure about makine alcazar the bad but, Luke knowing the real Carly is a stroke of genius...i always wanted them to bond on the show (they are so so much alike) and i agree with the pairing of frisco and carly...they seem like they would have some real chemistry. I also think that you have Carly's voice's been a long time that ive seen frisco on GH but ive read your other fics and i think you do him well just a suggestion but what bout bringing real lucky into he knew all after the rescue and the wsb angle...just a suggestion...wanted to let you know that you need to post much much faster cuz i love LOVE this story...

8/10/2003 c4 1Rach6
I absolutely loved the end of this chapter.

Actually the whole thing was great. And nice use of Carly's history.

Can't wait for more.
8/9/2003 c3 amy
wow i love this story so far i cant wait and see where this goes please update soon
8/8/2003 c3 Rach6
Yay Luke knows!

Great chapter. I loved it.
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