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1/5/2009 c1 danimorgan
i love this story! im hoping that this turns out frisco and carly get together! they seem great together! please please update soon!
1/2/2009 c33 kathryn
this is an excelent story. hope you update soon
12/30/2008 c33 JC Morgan
wow I haven't read this story in so long! I am so happy to see that you updated it. I loved the scene with Jason and Carly at Jake's *sighs* I so miss them in the good ole days! :) Thanks for the memories!

Thanks for the update!

Have a Happy New Year!

6/15/2007 c32 1StormN624
Ok, this story is surprising to me because I am a DIE Hard JC Shipper. I mean balls to wall aint no other man Jase & Carly 4eva type. But I get the feeling that this story is noot gonna go that way and yet I still enjoy it. Furthermore I am actually intrigued by the possible involvement with Frisco a character who I am completely unfamiliar with. Either way I am definitely interested in which you decide to take this plot
11/2/2006 c32 12McCarly
Hey I really love this story. I was wondering if you are goin to finish it and if by any chance could it end a Jarly.?
4/23/2006 c32 8Fortunetellers Melody
Well, this is the first review you have ever gotten for me, but I wanted you to know that I have read all 32 chapters and am absolutely in love with this story! I wasn't watching GH at the time that Frisco was around, unfortunately, but through your story, I am learning more about him and already love him! I hope that "Robin's" true identity is revealed sooner or later . . . I still can't believe that the real Robin knew that it was her but Sonny and Jason, or Bobbie too, didn't! But I'm glad that at least two people know about it now! Anyway, great story! Please, update soon!
4/23/2006 c32 JC Morgan
Ok even though I am a huge Jason/Carly fan I am so loving Carly/Frisco! Their friendship/relationship is so give and take...they take care of eachother! When they are mad at eachother...worried about eachother...scared or angry about outside forces...they are always working as a team! They aren't afraid to tell the other what they think even if it isn't going to be the popular opinion.

I am glad to see him trying with his relationshio with Georgie...and Carly knowing exactly what he needed to get his mind off work for a little while...

*sigh* they just need a big break in the case and the they can do away with this Charlotte Character...but I have to say I don't want Carly going to Sonny either so I guess I would prefer him to keep Charlotte but give the 'real' her son back! and course give Jason & the 'real' Carly their friendship back...

Great Job! I totally Love this!

By The Way...What happened to YOUR Website? I miss it!

4/22/2006 c32 Ryleigh
YAY, an update! Good chapter, but please tell me they find out the real Carly soon!

4/21/2006 c32 13SonnyAngel
aw, poor Georgie. I think she actually understands her father now.

And LMAO...I loved Frisco's breakdown of everything that was wrong about those Bond movies. LOL. I wish I could have seen the look on Dillon's face.

I'm glad you're continuing this story. I love it. It's one of my faves.
4/14/2006 c31 Jacqueline
I really love where this fic is going. I cant wait to see what will happen when the truth comes out. I really cant wait to see the Jason and Carly part. I can tell she still loves him and I just cant wait to see where your going to take it. Please update soon.
2/10/2006 c31 JC Morgan
Ya I was so glad to see this updated! I have missed this fic so very much, it's one of my favorites out there right now! I was reading it at another website but then I saw it updated here so I thought I would review it here.

I could so feel Carly's reaction to Lorenzo, she was so terrified. I loved how Frisco just came up behind her and he was the only who could probably get her calm down. He has this soothing way with her...

Can't wait to see what happens next...

2/5/2006 c31 Ryleigh
Awesome chapter! But please, please, please tell me that Sonny and Jason are going to find out who the real Carly is soon! Update ASAP!

2/4/2006 c31 Veronica
Amazing as always...I can not wait to see how it all turns out...I love it...Please update soon...
2/3/2006 c31 SonnyAngel
omg...I loved it. so much is going on in this chapter. I loved Frisco calming down Carly after her encounter with Alcazar. Ric and Alcazar working together, huh? I like how you're mixing what happened on the show with your story...i.e. Ric stealing from the Alcazar's then paying them back. I wonder what Frisco will do with the knowledge that Ric is Sonny's brother. Will he tell Sonny or not get involved? I'd like for him to tell him. I hate Ric deceiving Sonny like he did just because "mommy chose Sonny over him". wah wah..big crybaby.

btw, I love that you always find a way to include the "shut up", "you first" thing. LOL. it's so cute!

please update soon. I love this story.
2/3/2006 c1 anonymous
love the new chapter it was pretty awesome, hopefully you will update soon, I totally love this story
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