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for Chaos is Power: Sonic's Greatest Adventure

1/3/2017 c10 5Revamped Persona
Good thing Sonic isn't an emo.
7/5/2010 c18 keyking24
yo you got to put up more chapters your story is great i cant wait for the next few chapters
1/23/2005 c17 3Mr Drill
This story just gets weirder and weirder but I look forward to the next chapter
8/19/2004 c16 3shadowshock12
keep going please
2/14/2004 c1 4caitsith879
dear i don't know you, i just picked your name becasue it sounded stupid and im going to make fun of you even though i never red your useless god-forsaken works of crap. this is fun. and maybe "get ye flask", then i say"ye can't get ye flask" and then you will wonder all day why you can't get ye flask. maybe if you dipped your harddrive in acid and then tried to eat it through your eyeballs you would see how stupid your name is. in conclusion
1.change name
2.get ye flask
3.you can't get ye flask
4. why can't you get ye flask
5.dip harddrive in acid
6.try to eat through eyes
7.see how crappy your name is
8.get ye flask
10/7/2003 c8 Ri2
Jesus, just how stupid IS Knuckles?
10/7/2003 c8 wolverine the biobot
(wolverine)things are heating up! keep going or harpy's going to get you for not gitting this done!

(harpy)*pionts at wolverine* What he siad! do it or i'll kill you!
10/6/2003 c8 Royal-King-100
Knuckles is gullable but not that gullable! i don't like how you made Knuckles that stupid but the story is sill alright
10/1/2003 c7 Royal-King-100
this story is great! i really got nothing to say but please DUDE MAKE THE CHAPTERS LONGER AND IT WILL BE BETTER!
9/30/2003 c6 Royal-King-100
Great story keep it up!
9/29/2003 c6 Douceur
Okay, now I'm scared... is Sonic having a personality change or something? Oh, well, JUST UPDATE SOON!
9/24/2003 c5 Douceur
I'll kill that c-c-creature! HOW DARE HE HURT TAILS! *sigh* Temper shortages... JUST PLEASE UPDATE!
9/24/2003 c5 Royal-King-100
NICE KEEP IT UP! and if you make the chapters longer it will be better!
7/30/2003 c2 Robokazooie the Ecidena



7/12/2003 c1 SuperSolus
Hey, pretty good! Can't wait for ch. 2!
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