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for Sunshine

7/23/2023 c1 InLuvWithLove
A very sweet, to-the-front-of-the-line short story to show the sincere depth of love Ducky had for Jenny throughout their relationship, no matter what, knowing she also felt the same. One can fill in their own many reasons as to why it was so if one has followed the show from its inception. Nicely done.
7/15/2023 c1 3Troubled-Angel-26
this is good
7/14/2023 c1 helltowngirl61
Love jibbs stories always and this one is awesome please continue I will be waiting patiently love this story k
7/14/2023 c1 54his-red-head
I'm in my manager's office on my 15 min break and I am almost crying bc this was amazing. This story has the perfect amount of family feels. After a chaotic day at work, this is just what I needed! xx

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