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8/31/2023 c23 2AvidReader2425
Thanks for another really fantastic and highly entertaining chapter. I have really enjoyed this awesome journey of a story, and I think it’s another fantastic addition to your lineup of highly entertaining stories as well.
8/31/2023 c23 13Have a Little Feith
I think you mean "epi-logue", without the hyphen. Think of it this way. In Greek Myth, Prometheus was the titan of "Forethought", while his brother, Epimetheus, was the Titan of "Afterthought". Hence why the one that comes before is "Pro-" while the one that comes after is "Epi-"

This was a good chapter. I was almost expecting the dragons to have Tribal tattoos. And I mean what is considered tribal art, not actual tribal tattoos. You'd think that Cragril would love seeing that shit in a rainbow of colours on his "tribe", if he liked the look of the more human form.
8/31/2023 c23 Hitmen101
Thanks for the chapter! :D :)
8/31/2023 c23 Wolfric
Great chapter. Harry does need a romantic relationship. Seems like the island is going to need a school and or a relationship with Hogwarts. Thanks for writing. W.
8/31/2023 c23 cameron1812
The Isles, the goblins, the richness of magic there... This has been such an enjoyable, powerful story, thank you! Can't wait to see how you end it!
8/31/2023 c23 Greycait
Another amazing chapter :) Those Auror's really brought it on themselves. Or rather, the purebloods wanting to retain power brought it on them. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Ilses have turned out!
8/31/2023 c23 21katmom
Quite lovely!
8/31/2023 c23 2GnomeBob
If you are accepting Suggestions, I would probably add some form of personalized entertainment to the Isles. Not TV though. I would add a Dungeon filled with fake monsters that people could explore and fight in. Fill it with treasure and ways to keep people on their toes. That way, people on the isles wont get lazy and will stay skilled. You could give them systems that only work in the Dungeon and get progressively better as they fight more challenges, so they could "Level Up."
8/31/2023 c23 Hiram Covarrubias
Some sort of Olympics? A wedding? Reactions of magic in the broader world?
8/31/2023 c23 jmsdragn
This has been a blast, I have always enjoyed your writing, actually been rereading your stuff again in between chapters of this. What ever your next great works are, I'm going to enjoy rereading this well anxiously waiting for its next chapter.
8/31/2023 c2 93RebeccaRoy
I like how you present this Harry, reserved, thoughtful and yes, an old soul in a child’s body. Which having worked with children like this, you learn how to treat them more like employee and boss instead of child and adult. They still need to follow the rules but they can’t really be treated like a child when those rules are to be enforced if that makes sense.
8/31/2023 c22 3doraemax
i can't wait till Harry learns to make floating isles, and finally learn to traverse the outer space...
8/31/2023 c12 IamZort
oh sirectly after pointing out the gift thing, I read the AN where you mention it oops
8/31/2023 c12 IamZort
in chapter 12, harry tells us that he added a gift for Sirius to the tree, expecting him to show up at some point. Yet later, when Sirius shows up, we find out that Harry feels bad, because he had not planned to give Sirius a gift, and the reassurance from Sirius makes it clear that he didn’t gift him anything after all
8/30/2023 c22 forestreject
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