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2/10 c16 biob1
I would just prefer to se them end up together I'm not really sure of what other possibilities would open up if they didn't. Frankly the whole shipping thing can get pretty distracting and while she isn't in every scene the chemistry is there at least as far as I can tell. Why waste what you have already set up as well as having her in the label of the story which hints at that anyway and was what I was expecting. I dislike mislabeled stories because if I am looking to read about a certain pairing that is what I want to see and that is one of the things I like about fanfiction seeing something that you personally like.
1/27 c24 Ryan
Very nice story, and aptly named!
1/28 c24 imbriumXamo
i loved it! read the whole thing in one day. omni power harry is not my favorite genre but this had plenty of originality and sweetness to keep me interested. thank you for a great story!
1/23 c1 Machiavellius
I'm torn. Your Harry Potter is a very appealing character so far. Specifically because of how different he is to canon and fanon. I haven't read a Harry Potter similar that I can think of. So for that reason I can't help but feel like going the canon route is such a letdown. Yes, it's easier to coordinate with the books and movies, you don't have to make up as many things since his entire experience is in Gryffindor but, an obvious Ravenclaw going into the red house when there is so much that your own ideas can cover that isn't explained in Canon about the blue house. Why would such a different protagonist go into the exact same house as the original. Don't get me wrong, I love the canon characters, I wouldn't be reading fanfiction 26 years later if I didn't. I just don't know if I want to continue reading the same well worn path 99% of all the other fics follow out there.
1/18 c24 panth13
thank you for sharing your story so far. I really enjoyed reading it!
1/16 c24 192Virodeil
Your goblin nation reminds me of Star Wars Mandalorian creed: war-like, tap on the chest as salute and acknowledgement, cultural secrets... Harry's kind of democratic monarchy even reminds me about them: various clan leaders voting for a head of state/figurehead to lead them in times of need. It feels strangely nostalgic, despite te fact that I have been reading lots of Star Wars lately.

I am always interested in house-elf theories, and perked up when the chat turned that way. Yours is similar to a few other authors', but I think nobody explored this in your way: that brownies are earth's antibodies. It's a very neat idea!

I thought this was the epilogue. I am glad it is not, and wish you luck for the epilogue... and sequel - oh please the sequel! O_O

But, anyway, thanks muchly for this chapter!

1/16 c24 2maximusrexmundi
Loved reading this! Tons of fun new concepts and very well written
1/13 c18 Armiture
I like what you did with Sphinx culture and I was expecting all three of the champions to grab the cup.
1/6 c1 1fhl1234
Intriguing first chapter.
12/31/2023 c11 Armiture
Odd that Dobby didn't show up during the summer, oh right, the rental was under a Fidelius ward so Dobby couldn't find Harry's home and Dobby probably didn't think of looking for Harry outside of Wizarding Britain.

Glad the basilisk was taken care of and Ginny stopped before a student was petrified. Honestly, I thought it would be longer before Albus was given access to Systemized Magic.

Thanks for sharing this tale with us.
12/31/2023 c10 Armiture
Hahahahaha. I just imagined how exciting the next year's sorting will be if Gryff can rise from the stool and place himself on the new student's head without McGonagall doing anything to move him.
12/31/2023 c8 Armiture
I really liked what you did with the curse on the Dursleys; only Vernon, who isn't blood related, died of the curse, while Petunia and Dudley lost their ability to bully others. Kudos for that, it was very clever.

I like how this Harry is becoming OP in a slow, steady and methodical fashion.
12/30/2023 c6 Armiture
Hmm, I wonder if Harry could use his "healing system" to purge any kind of mind control potion from his bloodstream by "resetting" his blood so it didn't contain the potion any longer.
12/28/2023 c1 dabrakadabra
The sorting to houses looks extremely forced. Especially Harry's direction to the Gryffs when it was the last place that could suit him. And this happens without any explanation as to why the Hat thinks the Gryffs are a good place for him. Unfortunately, this leads to the only conclusion - the author is simply too lazy to deviate from the canon and despite all the differences in Harry’s personality and Neville’s wishes, they are still sent along the canon rails. Just so as not to strain the brain and not think about resolving the situation with different houses... The same with Harry's personality - he is extremely smug and everyone around him indulges him in this for no reason. As for his instant friendships with canon characters - again, ignoring differences in personality and establishing canon connections at any cost, against common sense...
12/23/2023 c10 2WolkaiserDrake
I can just imagine Gryf flying around the students saying "WWHHEEEEEE!"
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