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11/23/2023 c24 fraewyn
Love it!
11/21/2023 c24 nieub
make a story about twilight
11/23/2023 c5 JustAngry
Not a fan of him being able to share his system with other people. Granted, giving it to Poppy is probably safe, but now that he is aware he is able to give it away, so yeah... This feels now like he is going to share it with everyone and their dog, or something stupid like that. I think i am stopping here to not get further disappointed in case i am right.
11/23/2023 c24 Tuckersdad
please update soon. this is a great story
11/23/2023 c24 Hitmen101
Ooooo that would be exciting to see. Thanks for the chapter! :D :)
11/23/2023 c24 flip flip2 electric bogaloo
very nice bro amazing
11/22/2023 c24 NastySquire
I'd love it if the story continued even in another world. I always feel like fanfics end around the same time as the original story when they don't need to. And that's if they even get that far at all so this story is already far above most.
11/22/2023 c24 deckman1234
Glad you did not kick Hermione to the curb. Cheers:)
11/22/2023 c12 NastySquire
The Hufflepuff animal is a badger, not a beaver.
11/22/2023 c24 Reader9080
This is one of the best Harry Potter fanfictions ive ever read. Your plot is beautiful and so well thought out, with emotions playing out how I’d expect they should in reality, and the things that happen are understandable and wonderfully articulated. Aside from your writing prowess, you created a story within this world that fixed almost every canon problem, in my opinion whike reading the books, while not attacking JKR’s story either. Thank you for writing this gem, and i cant wait for anything you decide to create next
11/21/2023 c24 2ecoBlade
How could i miss such a masterly crafted piece of fiction this long? Really looking forward how this will continue!
11/21/2023 c24 Sds349
Love your story, looking forward ti its continuation. Thank you for your hard work!
11/21/2023 c24 BMS
Nice one.
11/21/2023 c24 Rurgah
I am glad that you are considering extending the story. I think, while you could have ended on an epilogue, it would have felt like an unfinished story and more like a finished story arc.

Welcome back I look forward to wherever it goes.
11/21/2023 c24 1nathnathn
Thanks for another great chapter.
And congratulations on avoiding FF’s broken notifications that were fixed last week.
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