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9/12/2012 c11 Guest
Damn, you're so sick! Obito was NOT poisoned! He was crushed! Plus Kakashi's left eye was not gouged out!
9/12/2012 c9 Guest
Don't remember there being OTHER Nara or Yamanaka family, other than the Fathers and Mothers of Ino and Shikamaru. And THEIR names were Inoichi and Shukaku! Also, the Inoichi is NOT dead! Your story is just getting worse and worse the more I read of it!
So crap! You're totally messing up what REALLY happened! Kakashi wasn't part of the squad that found Orochimaru with the third Hokage! And neither was Obito. By then, I'm pretty sure Obito had died as a result of Kakashi's carelessness!
9/12/2012 c8 Guest
Again with the getting things wrong? The forest of death was used in the CHUUNI exam, not the bloody Jounin one! You seriously have NO imagination! Kakashi and Obito were teammates from the start. Obito was crushed and died in battle and that is where Kakashi got the Sharingan eye from! You seriously need to watch Naruto again! Because you really have NO clue!
9/12/2012 c6 Guest
It's Minato, NOT Hayato! Get it right!
Also, Kakashi's teammates were Obito and Rin, not Asuma and some nobody named Tsukika! Why not go and watch the damn programs again instead of making crap up mate?
9/12/2012 c4 Guest
I always thought, funnily enough, and heard, that the man's name that trained Kakashi, was Minato! Not Hayato! Please watch the programs again!
6/27/2006 c11 Stitches
You let me down, you yaoi loving mother fucker. God Dammit... That totally fucked the whole story over. Goddamn disgusting shit. I like this story, okay. You've got great talent, but dammit, put a warning first!
6/27/2006 c8 Stitches
WOOT! I knew my faith in you would prove true!
6/27/2006 c6 StitchesOFire
Hmm... An AU fic of Kakashi's history is an odd thing. So, you're not incorporating Rin or Obito into this, at all? And if there is no Obito, then how is Kakashi to attain his Sharingan... Eh, nevermind. I have faith in you, and so far this has been a good fic. Just keep up the good work.
10/29/2005 c13 2Inuluv
Oh My God your the best writer ever! it's so sad :( but i love it, i love it, i love it, i LOVE IT!
8/28/2004 c13 10Magicians of the Yami
T_T this is so great! i hope u write more, or a sequal!
2/1/2004 c13 5AnimeFreakPerson
there just arent enough kakashi fics out ther... besides the kaka/iru ones i mean. im not exactly what u would call a yaoi fan...
10/21/2003 c13 1Remorseful Youth
Ahh.. Good.. But, when you added the yaoi in it, it kinda made the story weird.. But non the less it was good..
10/20/2003 c13 77Naruke
whoa...its jsut...whoa...*gets stars in her eyes* this is one of the best stories ever!
10/17/2003 c11 Kirby64
Hey! Good story! Plaese continue!

*adds to favorite story list*
10/17/2003 c11 Elsie-Chan
YOU MADE ME CRY! Meh! I like it! Keep writing, you're good. Make sure you check grammar and spelling somewhat, but you've got GREAT style!
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