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4/17 c16 TaitanoRules555
Awesome chapter.
3/31 c15 Shiroyasha Rises
Well Luffy does have his moments of insight, so he must have seen something through Gintoki despite how callous the man was towards Momo.
3/31 c15 Yorozuya Forever
Huh, guess Luffy didn't need to talk to others to see through Gintoki.
3/31 c15 TaitanoRules555
Great chapter keep up the great work
3/31 c15 Trueopulence
Look forward to the dragon ball crossover
3/2 c14 Attaboy
please never stop this fanfic. it's the best in addition to being original
2/24 c14 sablo
brook , sanji, nami : still i can't forgive him talk to momo like that... well who cares about your feeling because he a talk like that because he care you moron, because i don't like usopp, sanji, nami action attack luffy but luffy still forgive them like he doesn't care at all.
2/25 c14 TaitanoRules555
Great chapter keep up the great work.
2/24 c14 Yorozuya Forever
Nice, I like that the Gintama characters are telling what Gintoki is like to the One Piece characters and letting them learn about him rather than just hate on the man.
2/24 c14 Shiroyasha Rises
Ayame, Glasses Arc. Gengai, Gengai Arc. Tsukuyo, Red Spider Arc. Hijikata, Rengokukan Arc. Hasegawa... well I don't the name of the Arc. But I remember the episode of him punching the idiot prince. For Katsura, it was in episode 5 of Gintama, I think.

It was nice to see the Gintama characters at least give insight to Gintoki's character to the One Piece characters, and let the them understand that despite how callous he seemed to Momo, he has proven otherwise in his action as he does cares and tries to take the burden himself. They don't expect them to forgive Gintoki right away but at least give the man a chance.

And honestly, Nami and Sanji should at least understand since they had done something similar too. What with Nami trying to push Luffy and the others away when she attempted to save her village. And Sanji having literally attacked Luffy so that the Vinsmoke family wouldn't try to kill his friends even if it hurts him deep inside.
2/7 c13 Aldankero11296
recently discovered this story, i just want to say thank you for making this gems its hard to find a decent gintama crossover fanfic , especially the one that have a good plot and idea at that
2/4 c13 Protector for all
Yeah, what Gintoki said is cruel, but they clearly don't understand the reason why he did that. I mean those seen Gintama and witnessed certain actions that Gintoki had committed would know about the times where he seemingly acted cruel, but it always involve trying to protect others. It's clear that he doesn't be a part of another war, but he certainly didn't want to see Momo die, even if he had to act apathetic and say hurtful things to him. Of course no one knows that, and would end up being pretty judgmental.
2/3 c13 TaitanoRules555
Great chapter keep up the great work
2/3 c13 Shiroyasha Rises
Yeah, bridges aren't going to be mended that easily. Especially considering how harsh Gintoki's words were and how it affected Momo.
1/6 c12 CC
Huh, 'The Movie That Shall Not Be Named' back in 2009... are you talking about Dragon Ball Evolution?
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