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for Another Chance

2/15 c6 Guest
Another great chapter, very tense gunfight and I can't wait to see how this mystery unravels further.
2/6 c6 MasterAssasin17
Bro great chapter. Nice of you to keep uploading
2/5 c6 8NlaEid
Welp, the Nation is here, and it seems like backup won't be coming. With two of their members down, I wonder how the squad will fare in facing the horrors beyond.

Will Elster show up? And will the other surviving Replikas for that matter? We've Isa so far out of the cast...
2/5 c4 NlaEid
I've only been acquainted with this SAPR for a few paragraphs. But if anything happens to him, I'm going to make nowhere look like paradise for the ones responsible.
2/5 c6 Fan-ish Potato
This is actuallt so well written. Ive been wanting Signalis adjacent fics for so long exploring other aspects of the universe. Cant wait for the next chapter
2/5 c1 NlaEid
Holy... I finished signalis not too long ago and I was wondering why the author's name felt so familiar. Loved HWGA, and Im sure as hell eager to get started with this!
11/10/2023 c5 Guest
Another great chapter, had me on the edge of my seat.
9/20/2023 c3 Guest
Great start. I'm really loving the characterization and the set up. Can't wait till they enter the facility.
7/30/2023 c3 CruiserIBarelyKnowHer
And off they go, let's hope nothing bad will happen. Surely, that garbled distress call and the lack of any and all activity is just a fluke.

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