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for Transformers: Prime - The Conduit

11/25 c8 Michael
Please update the next chapters of carrots and cauliflowers story.
10/16 c7 1HyenaMan
Excellent chapter, but why Chromia instead of Arcee?
10/7 c6 Michael
Please update the next chapters of carrots and cauliflower story please.
10/7 c5 Guest
Just a slight thing, but Lennox is an Army Ranger, not a Marine.
9/17 c5 18Lwwas-forever
The battle phase of this chapter gave me the Battleship movie vibes and I loved it. Kinda sad about Kade Yeager but I understand your reasoning lol. It's very interesting to see characters being placed in new roles and such! I am enjoying this story quite a lot!
9/4 c3 Guest
Is Spike gonna die? Because the Sharkticons are in the same seas as where the battle group is being deployed.
8/14 c3 Lai Shironobu
Just stumbled upon this and I'm already loving it! Also, you didn't bring this up at the end, but I'm assuming that Lieutenant Diaz is the same one from Rise of the Beasts. If so is he gonna play a big part in the story? Anyway, can't wait for more!
8/5 c2 Juxshoa
This is pretty good. Combining Bayformers and Prime continuities opens up alot of story potential! Keep it up!
8/2 c1 Silverhand827
Darby? So, was that Jack's older brother or some kind of relative that got killed during the attack on SOCCENT? 'Cause if it is, then it's going to be very interesting to see how he interacts with Arcee and the rest of the Autobots if the Decepticons (Soundwave, I'm guessing) killed someone close to him.
8/1 c2 1HyenaMan
I'm gonna follow this mainly because Hot Rod is my favourite transformer of all time.
I wonder since this a merge of Prime and the Bay films, then that must mean that Arcee will be in it. And I wonder if this will be a HotRodXArcee paring like in the first Transformers movie.
7/31 c2 Guest
Good work. Hope to see more soon.

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