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for Compromising Positions

8/28/2023 c1 kazuyaryo
Amazing OS.
7/27/2023 c1 187YenGirl
Apologies for the late review, fanofthisfiction. I know you have an idea of how my time just flew past, but I’m determined to put my thoughts down on this now.

SasuSaku isn’t my OTP (I find it challenging to write them), but you on the other hand, write them like you’re their next door neighbour and know them like the back of your hand! This story sparkles with wit and humour! I enjoyed it more than I thought I would… although I shouldn’t be surprised!

Sasukethat smart, wily one armed Uchihadoing his best to distract his loving wife. Of course it’s not a nice thing for a husband to further deplete the chakra of his exhausted wife until she can’t even enjoy his homecoming but well… *drifts off* I can’t tell who’s wrong and who’s right! Of course Sakura has the right to be concerned, but Sasuke is a grown man who’s had to be independent since very young so… *drifts off again* Argh. They’re both so stubborn! *laughs*

Ahhbut you already provided the solution. Sakura isn’t the only Healermedic-nin in the village so Sasuke should be a good boy and report any and every scratch, cut and bruise to Konoha Hospital *grins and ignores the damage that will do to his reputation*

As for that promise and apologywell, one should take note that when Sasuke apologises, it’s never without a swift follow up. Sakura scored a point… and Sasuke scored on of his own right after that! *chuckles* But I’m sure that reward should be satisfying to both… pity you don’t intend to detail that one out, author? *hopeful look*

As always, the way you write them both is lovely and it kept me riveted to your story. Thanks for sharing it with us!
7/27/2023 c1 Lady Rini
Adorable and Sasuke being stubborn as always

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