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4/21 c9 REDdemon28
Nice can we get some more?
4/19 c9 Ghost Strench 04
4/19 c9 1GideonBlackthorn
this...this is Very Good. also polly is a lech so im REALLY hoping for anissa to be in this fic just so we can all see the sparks fly form thst relationship
4/17 c9 A certain mp
Amazing chaoter I absolutely love this story it would make me so happy if it turned into a weekly update!
4/13 c9 Neo Sennin
I love this Anissa. She's definitely unleashed and madly fun to read. Can't wait for your next update.
4/12 c9 Chaos Lion-Fox
i need more knowing Narutos disposition for attraction to strong possibly crazy women im excited for what happens next
4/9 c9 Guest
Great story hope you continue it I'm one your biggest fan's
4/8 c9 Guest
great story would love some more to the fic
and add some to the fights as they get a bit
repetitive in this chapter
4/8 c9 Jostanos
Please continue when you may with this fantastic story, Nz. Thank you. :)
4/7 c9 XVasikerX
amazing chapter
4/7 c9 1WarKnyte
She cazy. You know hat they say about phallus and crazy ...
4/5 c9 TRK
This is awesome work so far, loving it. If this isn't the prime universe (the one from the show) it would be kinda awesome to have Angstrom Levy (before his accident) approaching Eve to try and work out what makes her Mark different from the other who all joined Omni-Man in their conquest plan by offering her the chance to meet her father and the rest of her family and bringing her to Naruto's dimension meeting up with the older version of his daughter (as her universe is running faster than his) could also be a way to reveal to Naruto Nolan's evil plans
4/2 c9 Thunderdroom
The preview got me laughing and I haven't read this story in a while is naruto in a different universe from the cannon or is he in cannon cause it would have interesting stuff to happen
4/2 c9 Guest
Please continue the story
4/2 c1 11nexusplayer
My my my.
Invincible eh?
What would happen if you had a crossover of your stories?
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