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for A Bewitching Dance

9m c7 DT.A.9.RE
I'm not sure i understand didn't naruto get his eye back from mito? Or does it have a power now or something because u keep mentioning it as one lone eye and the other being covered
15m c7 DT.A.9.RE
I am losing sleep over this it's sooo cute i can't stop reading omg
1h c5 DT.A.9.RE
Ohhh u got the timing of the fights down so perfectly mhmmmm just when they are about to lose momentum you introduced a new element i love how you keep my eyes glued to the screen
2h c4 DT.A.9.RE
As slow as the changes were with naruto hinata got possessed or something xd i get u were trying to set up that neji segment but she would never pro claim her crush by wearing the jacket in front of her dad... Still i will count it as a provocative choice for character shaping XD i really just enjoy the rage and emotional output of your work too much to be upset by the sudden change XD go go hinata
2h c3 DT.A.9.RE
Okie i am really loving thisur wording has a way that just motivates me in the best naruto wayoh god i hope i don't burn through the chapters too soon j am really liking the bounding and the thorough thought shows u have going on here.
3h c1 DT.A.9.RE
Heyy i added this fic wayy back when u had only 3 chapter it has finally grown enough to keep my lazy attention spanso i will read it and hopefully enjoy ur work
7h c23 5Streetpixie
I love this fic. I'm so curious about all the plots and subplots you've set up and what's going to happen to each of the characters. I'm worried about Sakon and Ukon, did they manage to hear what Naruto said about the curse seals? I feel like it's going to come back to (pun sort of intended) bite the two of them in a big way. The fact that Sasuke's nightmare was interrupted while he still had the spirit left to 'fight back' and yell at Itachi not to hurt his loved ones might be a really good change from canon. But I'm still waiting for the moment where Naruto goes shit Sasuke has snek hiss disease too and how that gets handled. Hinata continues to be a darling. I wonder if the spiders will forgive kidomaru. I wonder if Tayuya will be accepted into the Uzumaki clan proper, maybe once Naruto gets the curse off her or Tsunade gets her blood checked? I know she was praising Naruto during the fight against Jirobo/mr. big noodle guy. The lore about Katsuyu being a protector in her own right of summons that are endangered is incredibly cool and makes her a great match for Naruto. I always kind of liked how she called Tsunade hime, do you think once Naruto signs he'll get to be a prince honorific wise? He is THE heir to the Uzumaki after all and it sort of matches with Tsunade/could be cute, especially because Katsuyu's an "Uzumaki summons". I loved the encounter with edo tensei Mikoto, it was so intense, the realisation that Jiraiya had fucked up by his charges yet again, and I only realised later that it was a set up for Sasuke to maybe get his summons considering Jiraiya promised her to look after him. I'm hoping very hard that Sakura winds up with canines instead of snakes. Orochimaru is such an unpredictably clever freak. The moment when he turns around and makes him swallow mr. big noodle guy / aka jirobo the wannabe bijuu, I was so shook because I didn't see that coming at all! But it was so perfectly Orochimaru of him. Great writing. Great characterisation. I wonder what the daimyo's reaction to the town of civilians being destroyed will be, will the leaf actually go to a war footing with sound? Also doesn't Lee still need healing/Tsunade's super operation to get him back to being ninja-worthy? How will Hinata handle the knowledge of what really triggered the breakdown in Inuzuka/Uzumaki relations. Baby Shukaku concerns me deeply. Naruto's too young to be a bijuu daddy! Also how IS Kurama going to react to actual baby baby brother in his seal space when that shakes out? There's so many pots boiling her and I am extremely invested in all of them. Thanks for publishing this I got a lot of joy out of reading! 3 3 3
14h c14 Streetpixie
This is so good, I'm so glad I stumbled on this fic, I've been munching on crisps while reading it all morning, feel like I'm having a party just for myself. It's been such a good time.
6/10 c13 TheGoodDoctor13
Pretty good Kaiju fight, the spider thing Naruto did is cool
6/10 c10 TheGoodDoctor13
Man Kabuto making shukaku control Gaara could've been or even if the 3rd had a squad jonins guarding the unstable jinchuriki instead of 2 chunins, or even anbu instead. Also could've had jiraiya block of gaaras seal like orochi did, even if the seal is dog water blocking off ichibis chakra is fine since it doesn't need gaaras to hold it back like narutos does. That horror scene was pretty sad
6/10 c9 TheGoodDoctor13
Making the fight a 3 way deadlock instead of having one person fight twice is a new thing I've seen in Naruto fanfics, really interesting idea. Too bad it looks like Kabuto is going to ruin it but I'll see next chapter
6/9 c8 TheGoodDoctor13
Naruto vs neji fight was pretty good
6/9 c7 TheGoodDoctor13
Loving the bold Hinata persona, very entertaining
6/7 c17 4freedomringer
I think, and this might be too late but could help you with this issue in later stories you write, when you made Naruto look different you lost us. For many if not all of us reading fan fics, we know what Naruto looks like intimately as well as the other named characters. You say Genma, and I say senbon guy we all know his exact looks. It's why you don't have to explain his looks when introducing him.

But Your Naruto has strawberry blonde type hair, a single purple eye and diamonds for irises. I think. It's hard to remember when you don't remind us because Naruto is Naruto. Blonde, blue eyes (sometimes blood red with rage), six whisker marks, wears Orange. That's what we see. The most ironic thing is, for those using Naruto looks in their story, they're more likely to stated physical features more often imo. They mention his deep azure eyes changing the feeling of the shade based upon his feeling. "Stares with icy blue anger" or "Hinata was lost in his warm ocean eyes". You changed his appearance but rarely mentioned his appearance in a large enough idea to get us on board. Ignoring the trans issue, the main issue is the disconnect. We think he's trans because when you do describe him, you do so rarely and don't let us get used to it.
6/5 c14 Ingwe Al'Vonyar
I just realized while reading your end notes that one of the things that tends to make or break a Naruto story in terms of how full and ‘real,’ for lack of a better word, it feels is how well the author uses and remembers all the aspects introduced, especially subtle things like genjutsu! I’m really enjoying this because you strike the balance really well between the wow factor and what I feel would actually happen were chakra and the rules you use real! As I said, really enjoying this and looking forward to the rest!
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