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for Past wants, Future needs

11/17/2023 c1 More
This will be a future and adult fic? About time.
8/27/2023 c1 Acercup
Out of curiosity, why do you like Acercup so much? Do you like the way they play off each other? Do you think there's potential because of their past? Do you think she'd get along with the rest of the gang, too? Or would it be a secret from both their families? Either way, itching to find out where this story goes. Thanks for sharing!
8/5/2023 c1 Neerg
So the premise isn't bad so far. Buttercup's internal thoughts are combining well with the environment and happenings in her life. Some constructive criticism: a little more spacing out between paragraphs would make the read easier, and don't be afraid to really detail and explore how a character's inner reflections or even memories would play into the plot. Other than that, it's a pretty interesting read! Hope you have ideas for more!

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