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for The Dragon's Silver Flower

5/28 c9 Guest
It was a very good story and i hope that you write more soon.
5/27 c2 Sothniz
You use “as” statements in your dialouge way too much, characters are using them every other sentence and no one talks like that man.
5/20 c1 Redhorseman25
May have been a good story. But you started it way too soon. I was lost with the 1st 5 paragraphs. And it looks like the story just keeps going from there.
5/19 c9 Mark Andrew
I'm wondering, will you be answering or least clearing up the Veela part? Forget if in Rowlings book she said anything on them. I've seen in other fics that a female Veela will always be full. Not half or quarter etc

This will be fun when the Tournament starts in the following year. How will Harry and Fluer act? Oh boy!
5/18 c9 AkerinSilver
I love this story and can not wait for more
5/18 c7 Travis Btmb
tftc good job overall but you need to go back and do some editing all of your chapters up to this point have some missing or incorrect words in several points as well as a fair amount of spelling mistakes
5/18 c6 Travis Btmb
5/18 c5 Travis Btmb
5/18 c4 Travis Btmb
5/18 c3 Travis Btmb
5/18 c2 Travis Btmb
5/17 c9 Blueberry Babe
great. thanks
5/17 c9 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
5/17 c5 Guest
Go to hell and get Sodomized for eternity! You old goat fuck, child molester!
5/16 c9 Jtapp1228
This is all brilliant! I can’t wait for the next ch!
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