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for Naruto and the Sunflower

10/7/2023 c1 13doc.exe
What I particularly liked from this story was that it felt incredibly true to the characters. Just one of those scenes that you could plausibly believe could happen in the original series. And overall it's just an incredibly sweet vignete.

Naruto sounds a bit too "eloquent" at times, but besides that, it's just a good work overall.
8/26/2023 c1 15naash
Gosh am so late with my review.

You've always done well with different characters and different settings and different genres. So am envious of that.

I actually didn't know what Himawari means so was pleasantly surprised at the ending.

Also, Naruto's stuttering and nervousness was funny too. Usually he is so confident but this time he is so cautious. It's so sweet to see how he views Hinata i.e. as a precious gem.

The manga didn't show us the dating snippets of NaruHina. So am glad that you wrote this.

8/19/2023 c1 4usagi-no-usotsuki
Naruto is always the best at giving passionate speeches and you did great to showcase his best quality in my personal opinion. I also happen to love sunflower seeds and try to stack up some packets even for the winter season so your choice of flower was spot on to win me over!
8/12/2023 c1 20Poodie
My heart was aching so much throughout this story. In a good way though.

Naruto isn't my top favourite character in his own franchise (yes, you can sue me), but I DO love him dearly. I have this strange unexplainable attachment to him that despite the fact that I tend to read stories centered around the other characters way more, I love Naruto so dearly. And in this story here where you have him beating himself up so harshly because he thinks he just cannot get anything right feels so in character. It's like he spent so long being dejected and hurt and feeling so unloved that he might think himself unworthy of love. Which is my interpretation of Sasuke as well actually. I do not know if that is what you were intending when you wrote his ramblings and begging to be forgiven, but I immediately thought on to that. This poor baby boy is out here feeling so unworthy. My heart Dx

With that, I have to add in my appreciation for Hinata here. Her little words of returned admiration and appreciation are so sweet and touching. While we, the audience, have always known her feelings for Naruto, it's very cathartic to be able to see her here, still shy as ever, expressing these sentiments directly to Naruto. Because these ARE the words he needs to hear, and especially spoken so sincerely and sweetly to him. I loved how Hinata let him finish and explain himself despite the fact that his ramblings only confused her more and more. Beautiful.

Fotf, I don't know how you do it, but you always manage to dive into every character you tackle and just make them so DEEP it is unreal. Share your skills and talents dammit! With this little story alone you have given such an added boost to the NaruHina relationship that I actively want to burst into flowers myself. This was sweet, it was wholesome and honestly? Just what I needed I think. I am always excited to see what you write next and which character is privileged enough to be chosen by you to have a story dedicated to them. For this story you have done a justice to three characters, and one of them didn't even have any lines! xD I love the reasoning you came up with for Himawari's name! I cannot confess to ever truly wondering why Kishimoto named ANY of the characters the way that he did. I've learned of some of their meaning over the years, but never gave it much thought honestly. This story, however, does make me kind of want to dive into them myself and see what I can come up with! Perhaps I too will write some short stories to pull at your heartstrings while discussing the meanings of these characters and their names!

Such a sweet story. I really loved it!

Never stop writing Fotf, you are the soul of so many of us on here!

8/12/2023 c1 193Lumiere de Venise
This was very sweet. Many fanfics observe how this pairing takes Hinata out of her shell, but not many discuss how it allows a more mellow, introspective and bashful side of Naruto to come out when he transcends from teenage years to adulthood. Him recollecting how flower seeds fed and comforted him as a child and how it connects to his relationship and views on Hinata but struggling to know whether or not his choice of a gift came off right to the receiver is such a great example of this maturity canon Naruto has in later versions of his character, and also such a great idea of something that could’ve happened between these two that it actually feels something in one of the official light novels, especially with how this ends acknowledging the symbolism behind Himawari’s name.

Also, I love the way you write how Hinata understands. She’s appreciative for the gift, and rather than repeating several times that Naruto doesn’t have to worry and that she’s okay like she would in her younger years, in one go she tells Naruto that she already loved the gift but hearing his story made her love it even more which greatly shows her character growth.

Overall, this is not only a cute romantic fanfiction but it also really shows how this pairing gave insights to parts of their personalities you don’t always see with NaruHina fics. Wonderful!
8/11/2023 c1 26mississippimudpiecraves
It's a perfect idea since it's directly anchored on their daughter's name! Naruto freaking out after talking to Sai is soo like him! And how he didn't want Hinata to get hurt or misunderstand is precious! His backstory about the sunflower seeds is a great idea and makes your heart ache for him. But never forgetting about it and offering it up to the love of his life definitely makes for the most meaningful and romantic gesture! Also I love sunflowers and its seeds so this story made me smile! Hinata's reaction is also delightful as always! Wonderful story!
8/8/2023 c1 17Pixie07
I loved how Naruto shared with her something that gave him so much to him while growing up. I also felt like he was trying to say that now she is the one giving him so much.

In another note, I wonder how much Sai intented to mess with Naruto, or if he truly meant to help him.

Very lovely story all around.
8/4/2023 c1 8inkedbliss
On a first note, I just found it really commendable how you managed to post your fic on a date which has a double (no, triple!) meaning to it. The sunflowers really fit Naruto on a whole - bright, sunny colours like his hair - and the whole spiel on his background with the sunflowers really shows how much care he puts in with his girlfriend.

On the other side, it's nice to see how Hinata grows up to become more forthright, as you've certainly intertwined the progression of their maturity into the fic. However, it's good to know that Naruto still retains some of his likeable (at times) traits.

Thanks for writing such a heartfelt story, and lovehearts!
8/3/2023 c1 187YenGirl
This story, right here, fits Naruto and Hinata so perfectly at this point of their lives. It could have come right out of the manga/anime. My mind immediately pictured this entire story from start to finish!

Naruto is a knuckle headed ninja for sure. Truly. he needn't have worried; Hinata never thought of those fears. And if she did, she would that sunflower being a 'weed' isn't the reason for the gift. And even if she did, she would make sure to listen to Naruto's explanation.

Sai is another clueless boy, haha. although to be fair to him, Naruto went haring off before Sai could finish his explanation.

Hinata was perfectly happy with her gift. She was even more so after hearing everything Naruto spilled and realised what these flowers signified.

His childhood was a painful one. Starving from food as well as affection and attention. Truly, Naruto is that kind of MC, you know? WIth a heart so big, he loves and forgives those who feared and bullied him in the past.

And I guessed that sunflowers seeds must come from sunflowers... but wow, to think they actually kept a child from starving! Not only that, roasted sunflower seeds are delicious and full of nutrition! And the flowers themselves are large and cheerful and signify a girlfriend!

Ah, who needs the fragile rose when you can have bright sunflowers?

I also loved how they also chose for their baby girl and how Hima-chan grew up to be a bright and cheerful ray of sunshine.. with an inner strength in her.

A lovely contribution, fanofthisfiction, and of course it fits the Flower theme to 'T'!
8/1/2023 c1 23Sandataba
Merp... I was about to EXPLODE with righteous indignation about anyone referring to sunflowers as weeds. HELLOoOo, they produce invaluable energy suns to grow pea shooters and myriad other plants that fend off zombies from invading our gardens and eating our brains, for crying out loud. It was even a key plot point to my High School AU Kakashi x Tenten x Neji story! Glad the author's note clarified things. Everyone's panties are now smoothened out and unbunched.

There's a part midway that Naruto goes full Talk No Jutsu that amused me, and he seemed a lot more poetic and eloquent than usual, but that could be the result of the 3 year timeskip, maturation, and too much exposure to a certain pervy sage who was an actual published author which improved his vocabulary skills. I don't doubt Naruto (who had by this time travelled to the MOON to save Hinata) could earnestly about many of his experiences in life, especially when inspired by having a beautiful girl that he loves right in front of him. I thought he was apologizing since sunflowers are yellow and maybe yellow symbolizes friendship and it was inappropriate to tell his girlfriend that he merely felt a platonic friendly sort of love for her.

I was also on my toes waiting for the rest of the Hyuuga clan to lean out from a corner where they'd been eavesdropping and go "Aaaaw..." at the end? No? All right, I'll do it. Awwwww...
8/1/2023 c1 Guest
Best story ever!

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