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4/14 c2 32jumpingmanatee
I love this. I can't wait to read more. Thank you for writing this story.
3/14 c2 Helily
Oh my a broken blood oath! Are the Starks going to be ok? Either way, I’m rooting for this old Harry in this new life!
3/14 c1 32Tellemicus Sundance
Well, that was one big expo dump. I don't wanna judge, but that starting a story like that is generally a bad idea.
3/10 c2 2BadReader
Baelish had no opportunity to be with Caitlynn. Neither did Aerys II, the blind old man that he is, the only Maester at the wall, unable to leave and no reason to visit Winterfell.

The whole Sansa is Baelish's daughter and Arya is Aerys' is pretty bad.

Also, Baelish was a very sickly child, just like Lisa's child.

I would edit this chapter before moving on. Arya would make an ok nearby Bolton but not much else. The irony of Sansa being a Bolton would also be pretty hilarious. Though it would be odd for a Bolton to visit their historic enemies at Winterfell twice in such a short time frame. If Theon were older I'd say you could make him Rickard's father for laughs. Otherwise he could be an Umber or Karstark or something.

But anyways, those issues need fixing for this story to make sense.
3/10 c1 BadReader
Most of this was unnecessary. You could have started with him at age four regaining his memories instead and gotten to writing something to do with the story instead.
3/8 c1 Guest
Gods, you are a piss poor excuse of a writer, stop that, please
3/6 c2 Guest
Is a stark wank ?
3/6 c1 2Lordlexx
I'm sorry... so very much of the first half of this story was just total nonsense and completely unnecessary. I didn't even bother reading the part he met with death because I just didn't have the faith that you'd make it any better.
3/6 c1 YetiMarauder
This is really bad. Like really, really, really bad.
3/6 c2 Ariadne Venegas
Arya was the only one who was like a pure Stark with maybe Rickon. She is a lot like Jon’s mother. So I think you are making a mistake with her.

Also Catelin for more than I hate her, had no way to see Baelish at the time. That’s mean nothing. Sansa can be the daughter of another not her husband. Also Baelish was rather ugly and sickly. But Sansa is a beauty and healthy.
Maybe Sansa is daughter of Aerys?

I hope you take Harry of the Citadel before he take his oaths. Or are you making him really a celibate?
3/6 c2 Azai Jin
Thanks for the chapter.
Looking forward to reading more.
2/28 c1 SamonIllmantrim
This is a really interesting story. I'm enjoying reading Harry's new adventures
2/23 c1 Guest
Yeah this is ahit
2/23 c1 Rio47
Great start mate I’m looking forward to the next chapter.
2/21 c1 Guest
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