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for Leaf in the Wind

12/5/2023 c6 Dyer1
I have just found this story and I love it tho I want to cry for Sakura and am so happy she has Itachi and the clan minus jealous fan girls lol
10/25/2023 c6 3effie-fintripity
This story doesn't have enough reviews, it has an amazing story. I really hope you continue with it, I am enjoying it a lot. Thank you for writing it!
10/18/2023 c6 2Natascha-chan
Love the story! Hope that Sakura will becoming a shinobi active in field again though. Since she's training with both Shisui and Itachi, would love to see how that'll pan out in missions.
10/14/2023 c6 1I-Love-Trunks1
I like how Sakura went shopping with Mikoto to get some new clothes. I like how Itachi got Sakura a present. I love this story so much!
9/12/2023 c5 I-Love-Trunks1
I like how Sakura decided to stay in the Leaf Village. I like how she sees Itachi in her future. I love this story so much! Can’t wait for more!
8/27/2023 c4 I-Love-Trunks1
I love the pairing Itachi/Sakura! They are so cute and adorable together! Poor Sakura. I like how she's staying with the Uchiha Clan and wants to stay there. I like how Itachi is spending a lot of time with Sakura and wants to protect her. I like how trusts him. I like how Itachi wants to court her. I like how Itachi is best friends with Shisui. Itachi is my favorite character! Could you please write more of Itachi's pov in the next chapter? I love this story so much! Can’t wait for more!
8/13/2023 c2 Guest
Author, re-upload the second chapter please and thank you!

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