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9/10 c1 IwishIcould13
omg! its been a while since I read a ryuki fic! love it, one of my favorite ships. hope you continue!
8/20 c1 Guest
Love Ryo and Ruki
8/20 c1 Guest
Infatuation lasts what a year and a half if you don't have something deeper

Social family peer pressure only worth and value mating and breeding not true

Theocrats perpetuate poverty keep the poor poor making more and more poor under develop critical thinking skills not understand logical fallacies brainwash and indoctrinate so they elect and continue to reelect corrupt and incompetent

A government that doesn't champion individual rights has no right to call itself a democratic republic

Two wolves and a lamb voting on whether the wolves eat the lamb is not democracy but tyranny of the masses

not even done humanely dog whistling implied threat of financial ruin socioeconomic unfairness discrimination starving and malnutrition burn at stake lynch drag by horses or vehicles
8/20 c1 Nonaka
Love it, please write more ryuki

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