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for Sympathy for the Dementor

8/29 c1 1Cosmic Skygate
Glad that Umbridge found a Dementor that truly appreciates and loves her as much as she appreciates them (as proven in canon by she wanting to surprise Harry and Dudley with a visit from them), one that gave her a breath-taking (or soul-taking) kiss. She deserves a nice Dementor and this fic gives the happy ending Umbridge so much needed in canon.
8/29 c1 Guest
fucking hilarious...haven't stopped laughing
8/29 c1 Guest
8/29 c1 Slytherin ambitions
something I wanted to read for a very long time
8/29 c1 Namesakesnake
*chefs kiss
This work is so beautiful. I can tell you poured your very soul into it lol

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