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for Nika's got a Big Bird (One Piece SI, WC)

5/11 c3 Anime Junkie X
This was a really interesting idea for a story. Cant wait to see what you have in store for the next chapter :D
2/8 c2 4Chronosign
Did he look into what evolution line Birdramon would wave access to? Because the amount of sense Digi-Evolution makes would send Darwin into madness, just look at Palmon and Gatomon. I know people give Pokemon crap about nonsensical evolutions, *cough*Octillery*cough* but how does a can with tiger glove go from that to a 10ft tall busty angel? I mean, Gatomon's pre evolution was a puppy.
2/8 c1 Chronosign
A bit of advice:
If you're going to do a Waifu Catalog story, post it on Questionable Questing. That's where the majority are.

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