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4/3 c2 1flashbak35a
you have him buying a new trunk in this chapter but Dobby brought him a new trunk in chapter 1 your bad about things like that in your stories.
3/7 c1 Guest
3/6 c3 SMB
What the f**k is up with the time travel shit? You started one story and then started another inside the same f**king story with no explanation or reason. Harry sent back happened before any of the events of the first story ever f**king happened! None of it makes any f**king sense! He can't physically know anything that he knows!
3/6 c5 Hands Off MY Wolfie
Dumbles is soon going to have all his dirty laundry hanging out on the line for everyone to see how really dirty it is. Amelia wants to help the display of Dumbles' shortcomings and misdeeds.

Harry gathering all his 'liquid' resources and getting Ted Tonks to sue for the rest of the money made off of his celebrity. He's also now suspicious of Ron's supposed lack of magical talent. Harry's research/reading is making him question many things, and some people, and their actions.

Thanks for sharing.
3/6 c5 llpi
There are a number of inconsistencies from one chapter to the next. For example, Amelia Bones bringing up the Orders of Merlin before the Wizengamot when in a prior chapter she went to a Society that awards them to get them reversed. Also, in ch 4, McGonagall had already visited Hermione but in ch 5 that hasn’t happened yet. Harry also seems in ch 5 to have forgotten the information he learned from legiiimizing Snape in ch 2. That’s not the complete list of inconsistencies.

In the beginning of ch 3, it states it’s April 12, 1995, and Harry’s asleep at Grimauld Place with Ron’s snoring before he finds his letter sending him back in time. First, perhaps you meant August, not April; that would make more sense for him being at G place. Second, why is Ron there? Sirius denied his house for use by the Order in a prior chapter. I wouldn’t think Harry and he would allow the Weasleys to live there.
3/6 c1 scyfly
dobby the ward/curse breaker. how? by ironing his hands. this is paraphrased...
3/6 c1 scyfly
this is more like a bunch of statements badly tied together
3/6 c5 Gryffindorforever4242
Great update
12/27/2023 c3 Zarions
Wtf? This chapter has nothing to do with the first two? This seems to be another fic that you've posted as chapter's 3-4 instead of posting them on their own...
12/9/2023 c4 Russ
I'd love to see more of this story. I'm looking forward to reading how Dumbledore digs himself into a hole in front of the wizengamot.
12/9/2023 c4 Russ
I'd love to see more of this story. I'm looking forward to reading how Dumbledore digs himself into a hole in front of the wizengamot.
12/8/2023 c4 James Birdsong
Nice four chapters obviously.
12/8/2023 c4 Hands Off MY Wolfie
If Hermione didn't need magical training to retain her magic - she would do well to ignore the magical world. They are so bigotted, and outspoken about it too.

This Harry is hardly recognizable as the previous version, so much better for him. Dumbles is really hog-tied now.

I wonder how meeting the other magical students will go for Harry, but that will be awhile yet.

Thanks for sharimg.
12/8/2023 c4 Gryffindorforever4242
Great start
12/8/2023 c4 Gryffindorforever4242
Great stare
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