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for Penny's Epitaph

2/20 c5 Vist9797
Dude, it’s been 2 years now. When are you going to update next chapter for RWBY Watches Hunters of Justice
1/23 c5 RizalMei28
please update fate zero reaction.
1/18 c5 Some1call4MR-E
I do not believe the full recap is warranted, unless some reader's have not at least,
seen the gameplay themselves.

I just imagine that, the gameplay, included Penny throughout their lifespan's of, The-World.

So it's easy enough, BUT excluding the GAMEPLAY itself.

Will you be focusing more on the interaction's of the,
Dot-hacker's with penny instead, for the most part?

There are A-LOT of cutscene's that I'd envisioned with Penny,
but obviously, they were not included...So WILL they be done, here and now?

Either way, HOORAY~ an update!
1/18 c5 10ultima-owner
jinn knows what happened to Penny because she is able to look at her soul I'm guessing?
1/18 c5 kadraphan97
ooooooo this is cool
1/18 c5 genzk77
Hey author please update new chapters for your fate reaction and rwby hunters of justice fic. I really both of it and it's rare to see well written with good audience reaction fics these days so please do update.
1/17 c5
Great job with this story, by the way how many parts is Secrets of both worlds are revealed? And will you do the RWBY Watches Hunters of Justice since Hunters of Justice has 77 chapters? By the way what about the events of Arrowfell, Massacre of Robyn election rally, getting the maiden powers, protecting the sword from hacking, fighting Cinder in Amity, becoming a real girl, aiding Winter fighting Ironwood, and surviving the fight from Cinder? Keep up with the great work.
1/17 c5 2chrisdiokno117
Glad to see yah still posting
Love this
12/30/2023 c4
Question if Penny is different than since her time in different universe will Penny be alive than the canon? What about if Penny join the abandoned mine to fight the Geist, standing up Weiss from her father, TEAM BRIR, Bram Thornmane, Amoncio Glass, Hanlon Fifestone, Tyrian Callows and Arthur Watts framing Penny, and Becoming a maiden? What about Penny will learn that the her Aura is her dad? What about Penny find out that the Election for Council seat has been rigged? The Mantle System has been hack? Inwas wondering if Penny find out that Blake and Yang tell Robyn about Amity Communications Tower? I was wondering if Penny protecting her Swords from Ace Ops and can resist hacking? Anyway keep up with the great work.
12/29/2023 c4 Student
When Penny lock the door, i hear Hack dot sign ost - Aura in the background while she ask Ruby why did shd lied.
12/28/2023 c1 VercingetorixRex
The truth is that SAO is a cringe fanfic based on the Hack series. The Hack series is better in all aspects.
12/28/2023 c4 Jose19
Will you use the plot of RWBY: Arrowfell?
12/28/2023 c4 Jose19
Penny matured as a person. Something you and the others never did, Ruby.
12/28/2023 c4 Some1call4MR-E
HOLY SH*T...ahem, I've been invested since the, 'official' chapter three,
and I've been wondering when if at all, this would EVER receive another update so...yay!

I've played the dot-hack game's so long ago, even the remastered, G.U trilogy,
that was available on PS4 as well...still can't believe Penny went through ALL of that, ya'know?

I cannot wait to see how thing's will turn out with the story, eventually!
12/28/2023 c4 10ultima-owner
she used logic to defuse both argument with, well, I wouldn't say ease but close enough.
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