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for A Grim Duel

9/25/2023 c1 Yeikel
Aunque este Goku debería pisotear a Zodd en base,fue una pelea bien escrita
9/19/2023 c1 anon9919
this was great, you cant let it end like this, i know dragon ball and saiyans are to much for berserk verse but i really want to see how you take kid gokus inocent character in this grimdark setting that is berserk.
9/12/2023 c1 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
...Yamcha only managed to cut Goku's tail because it was being gripped by a lot of people. Well, more like Puar's scissor form and Bulma and Yamcha hugged his tail to weaken Goku.

Vegeta, same thing. He got weak. Yajirobe, a master swordsman that one shotted Drum, cut off his tail.

This Oozaru in this scenario? Guts and Griffifth should run. And thankfully, a Lego castle ruin is only a couple of feet away from Goku to distract him. If he doesn't vaporize it first with a mouth blast..

I dunno how Goku got in Berserk, but my guess is that God wants a droplet of infectuous purity in the world and opened a dimensional tear big enough for Goku to not notice the difference between landmasses.

Also Ikari/Wrathful (yellow eyes, slightly raised hair) is possible for Goku here. I have theorized that it will require for Goku to have a tail for this as Broly is a mutated Saiyan that has an automatic access to Ikari that he can mix it and turn his SSJ Green.

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